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Help! Problem with feeding

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KiwiPanda Thu 29-Jan-09 10:05:13

My six week old DD has suddenly started fussing and pulling away from the breast. I think it might be related to the fact that she's had a bit of a cold - we used a nasal aspirator to great success a few days ago when her nose was blocked but now she seems to have what sounds like phlegm in her throat - it sounds like she needs to have a good cough to clear it but of course she doesn't know that! Could that cause this sudden fussiness? She'll feed for five seconds, and pull away and it's a battle - and I'm fretting that she's not getting enough to eat.

Is there anything I can do to help her??

TheProvincialLady Thu 29-Jan-09 10:06:27

Steamy room? Maybe some menthol crystals in the water?

MrsBadger Thu 29-Jan-09 10:08:55

and a pillow under one end of the cot mattress so it's more upright when she sleeps

KiwiPanda Thu 29-Jan-09 10:21:38

Thanks guys. I'm now typing this from a steamy bathroom... baby looking at me like I'm completely insane. Not for the first time... wink

TheProvincialLady Thu 29-Jan-09 10:58:17

<waits for sound of exploding laptop>

motherlovebone Thu 29-Jan-09 14:12:19

burn eucalyptus oil in oil burner.

massage baby

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