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Baby not breast feeding for more than 10 mins

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Deaby Sun 26-Oct-08 16:44:21

Help please! I have a 16 week old baby and she has been feeding fine up until now! For the past few days she feeds for about 10 mins (usually its 20-30 mins) and then takes herself off. If I try to latch her back on, she cries alot and gets distressed. She is weeing fine, but her poos have gone down from 3 a day to 1 day for the past three weeks. She won't have anymore even after a little break and so I have just carried on with her usual routine, i.e. playing and then sleeping. I keep thinking she is not getting enough milk, especially since for the last few weigh-ins she has only been putting on 3 ounces a week. Dreading going back to weigh her even more now. Whats the problem? Has anyone else experienced this?

Spidermama Sun 26-Oct-08 16:48:26

I really wouldn't worry. They get better, faster and more efficient at feeding at around this age. If she's doing a poo a day that's fine. Even one every two or three days is deemed as fine as long as there are wet nappies.

Honestly I think you've nothing at all to worry about. smile

Mine all did the same and I thought it was a blessed relief as I could get on with other stuff. I have four.

Spidermama Sun 26-Oct-08 16:49:05

Also you get more efficient at producing it. It's your reward. Well done for getting there.

DontlookatmeImscaaarrryyy Sun 26-Oct-08 17:40:03

Sorry. I don't have any answers, but can sympathise.

Maybe she is just becoming a more efficient feeder. Weight gain does start to slow down as they get a bit older. I think some babies do just gain slower than others.

Ds2 (8 months) is like this and always has been. He currently drains each side in 5 minutes(each) and thats it he won't have/can't get anymore. He's also got very slow weight gain, slow enough to have the hv fretting.

BUT if i try to get him to take any more he throws up so he obviously knows better than me when he's had enough.

He also used to poo only every 3 days and I was told it was normal, although it's getting a bit more frequent now we've started weaning.

Unless she starts to loose weight or stays the same I wouldn't worry. Sounds like you are doing fine.

mawbroon Sun 26-Oct-08 18:27:01

As the others have said, it is probably that she has become more efficient at feeding. As long as there are plenty wet nappies and your dd seems ok in herself then it is most likely that everything is fine.

Also, around this age, weight gain often plateaus in exclusively breastfed babies. As long as there is no loss, then it should be just fine and the weight gain will pick up in a few weeks time. Don't listen to anyone who suggests that you don't have enough milk, or that your baby needs solids.

It is not compulsary to go to weigh ins. Why not leave it a month before you next go? Or don't go back at all!! It's only another thing to stress about.

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