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Honeymoonmummy Fri 24-Oct-08 08:17:53


I'm due in 5 days with my first baby and intend to breastfeed. I havent researched breast pumps at all as the antenatal classes said dont do it for 4-6 weeks. The only piece of "bottle" equipment I have is an Avent microwave steriliser which I got reduced from the baby show.

I spoke to another new mum yesterday who said it was a good idea to start expressing quite early on.

I'm going somewhere with a big Boots store in about an hour so I need a crash course in breast pumps and bottles!!!

Which is the best breast pump? Should I try a manual first in case i cant breastfeed so I dont spend a lot of money on electric? I've just read the tommee tippee manual pump is cheap and good but would that work with the steriliser and bottles i have? And what about these special teats you can get that resemble your nipples???

Please help!!!

plj Fri 24-Oct-08 08:24:39

I tried a manual breast pump first and really struggled with it. My DP used to have to sit and do it for me! Looking back now, that was quite amusing-but at the time, not much fun for either of us. He went out and bought me an electric pump and it was sooooo much easier. It was the Avent one, and he got it in Boots. I bought a starter pack of Avent bottles, so that everything fitted together. I am sure there were spare Avent bottles in the pack along with the breast pump as well.

MurderousMarla Fri 24-Oct-08 08:25:00

I would wait until your baby is born, get to know him/her and establish breastfeeding, then decide if you want to express - but I certainly wouldn't try for the first six weeks.

It takes time to establish your supply, and the best way of doing this is to let your baby feed as often and for as long as he/she wants, so potentially, using a pump can interfere with this. I am sure someone more knowledgeable (and awake!) than me will be along soon

FWIW I bought two pumps and used them each once, so that is why I would say it's not worth it.

Flier Fri 24-Oct-08 08:25:05

I dodn't get on very well with manual - i tried the avent with my first pregnancy and basically couldn't express.
2nd pg I used the Medela mini electric, which I was alot more successful with.

But, you should not express for the first 4-6 weeks, until after your breasts are in a "routine" (for want of a better word) ie until breastfeeding is properly established.

I'm sure you'll get loads more advice on here, but I'd wait before buying one, don't rush into it.

best of luck

LilRedWGoreandguts Fri 24-Oct-08 08:25:35

I hired a Medula hospital grade one as I didn't get on with shop bought ones. It was excellent.

Flier Fri 24-Oct-08 08:26:32

I also had to use an electric pump provided for the hospital and was amazed at how much was expressed with it, it was after that I went out and bought the medela mini electric

applestrudel Fri 24-Oct-08 08:28:12

Am sitting here expressing with an electric Avent Isis IQ Uno which has been great for me. Quick and very easy once you get the hang of it. Never tried a manual so have nothing to compare it to, mind.

Bloodystumperlicious Fri 24-Oct-08 08:32:58

Don't get the tommmee tippee one, I sent mine back to them for a refund, though I think the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature teats are meant to be quite good so it might be worth picking up a couple of TT bottles.

I would go for a cheap and cheerful Avent Isis. I wouldn't splash out on an electric one unless you know you are going to need it.

Some quite tips on expressing:

Don't express too early, I would hold out until 6 weeks, at least before you start replacing feeds. Replacing feeds with EBM any earlier than that may lead to nipple confusion and interruption to your supply. However a pump can be useful in the early days to relieve engorgement and as an emergency should the baby not feed from the breast for whatever reason.

Kellymom has some great pages on pumping, including storage of BM which you can store for much longer than you would think.

The avent isis comes with a little round disk which is ostensibly a stand for the pump but is actually also a cap to go over the funnel, this means that you can pump the pump in the fridge between pumping and not have to sterilise it each time. I washed sterilised once a day.

I expressed religiously every day for 10 months so like to consider myself a bit of an expert on pumping and pumps wink, and I would say go for the Avent. I did have some troubles with the vent popping through the hole (my milk was too fatty apparently hmm) but the eventually sent me the duck shaped one from the electric pump and I had no problems after that. Good luck!

YumeeMumee Fri 24-Oct-08 08:54:07

Another vote for the mini Medela electric but I did find it difficult to buy extra storage bottles. Would definitely recommend an electric over a manual tho after many friends stories of sitting there for hours with not much success - apart from an achy arm/wrist!

Honeymoonmummy Fri 24-Oct-08 08:58:17

Thanks all! I've just read that the Avent has lots of bits and can be difficult to clean? And that the Medela electric is too loud?? Do Boots do their own brand and what are they like?

laksa Fri 24-Oct-08 09:05:42

I used an ameda lactaline electric pump and it is brilliant. However I wouldn't get one just yet as they are quite expensive. I would suggest hiring one, the nct hire out (just phone the breastfeeding counselling no) and so do some hospitals. This way you get a powerful electric pump but don't have to shell out for it. If you find you get on well with the expressing then you could always buy one smile

fishie Fri 24-Oct-08 09:15:09

honeymoonmummy, 4-6 weeks IS quite early on. it is pretty time consuming getting bf established and trying to express as well will be additional hassle you just don't need yet smile

Honeymoonmummy Fri 24-Oct-08 09:17:07

Thanks ladies. I'll keep my money to myself for now smile

nickymorris Fri 24-Oct-08 13:49:35

I was told not to express before 6 weeks as the composition of your milk changes as your baby grows. to avoid nipple confusion I was also told not to feed EBM by bottle before 6 weeks. So if you express early when you feed it to them it isn't what they're expecting. The only reason you might want to express early is to stimulate your supply for if your baby was having problems, or was in hospital and you wanted to provide your own milk for example...

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