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Teat advice

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mom2ben Sun 14-Sep-08 20:03:27


My 9 week old drinks a bottle in 5-10 minutes shock. I am currently using Avent Bottles with the number 1 (newborn) teat. I would like to try and slow him down as I am sure this is the reason why he is so unsettled afterwards.

Can anyone in the same situation recommend a bottle / teat that they are using? I don't think moving to the number 2 teat will help as it will only make him drink faster!

Thanks! wink

lulumama Sun 14-Sep-08 20:08:57

try a variflow teat.. is he very windy afterwards? that might help as he can control the flow himself a bit more.. how many ounces is he having each feed

mom2ben Sun 14-Sep-08 20:12:50


I tried a variflow and he just ended up with milk all over his face and drank it even quicker than that size 1. He normally takes about 4-5oz per feed.

lulumama Mon 15-Sep-08 07:39:45

in what way is he unsettled? try medium flow next..

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