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Query: Whether Supply Is OK?

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ilovemydog Wed 10-Sep-08 20:38:58

My DS (6.5 months) and has been exclusively b/f, and has been getting solids for past few weeks.

Last week, I had to go do a course in London and DS came with me. He went to nursery and the arrangement was that I would express his morning and afternoon feeds and come and feed him during lunch.

Unfortunately, the first day when he was at nursery, he didn't settle for a couple of hours and the suggestion was that it would be less stressful for him that I didn't come at lunch as it would be too unsettling.

So, I expressed at lunch time, but the next day there was only enough EBM for 2 of the 3 feeds, and he had 3 oz of formula.

The next day, it was the same, although both days, he had an evening feed and various night feeds.

has my supply been adversely affected? If so, what can I do to get it back! He had about 6 oz in total of formula (nursery staff: we're giving him the one that's, 'just like breast milk...') hmm

PeachySoLongAndTa4AllTheFish Wed 10-Sep-08 20:42:43

Well, if after one day they were concered about his settling and didn't want me there, and gave him formula, I'd be off. Sharpish!


If you express you should be able to maintain your flow although if you were stressed it might be harder to expres (mlk still there though!).

The best way to maintain your supply is to bf as much as possible, express often and try t get skin to akin especially in these unsettling change over weeks

ilovemydog Wed 10-Sep-08 20:50:48

Thank peachy - he didn't have formula first day as I had enough EBM. It was only for 3 days, the nursery place, so I was hoping to be able to express enough in the evening for the next day, but failed miserably sad as it just wasn't enough!

God I feel guilty....

PeachySoLongAndTa4AllTheFish Wed 10-Sep-08 20:58:34

Why on earth would you feel guilty? (apart from the am a Mum bit obv!), souns like you are doing a fab job! I cant get a bottle into ds4 anyhow bu I loathe expressing so dont know if I would if needed.

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