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Want to change formula milk...which is recommended?

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jadey24 Thu 04-Sep-08 08:28:44

Hiya Ladies,

I want to change me daughter's milk coz the one she is on i feel isnt agreeing with her and my and oh are at end of tether.

She is 6 weeks old and has been on cow and gate since a few days after birth. At first no problems, she drank it and every 2-3 hrs. At 4 weeks she went up to 4oz and sometimes would take 5oz....but about 2 weeks old tho problems started gradually..she got colic and wind..we have tried infacol, dr browns, gripe water. Kinda helps a little but not great deal. Took her to docs but not concerned coz she seems happy. Around 2 weeks ago she started to get upset when we fed her and would squirm and cry but always took the milk tho even tho it took like an hour when before it was gone in 30 mins.
She started to bring a little sick up to around this time- she never brought sick up at all before then.

I know its normal to bring some up so thats prob not a worry and doctor said some babies can bring an oz up and thats fine but now in the past week we are having serious trouble getting her to drink her milk now. She isnt ill and cries for it when she is hungry but we struggle to get her to drink the whole 4oz now. If we are lucky she will have 3oz and sometimes she can only manage 2oz. Its as if she dont like the milk. She has so much and refuses it and brings it up if i try and get her to have more. She keeps going sleepy on the bottle more then usuall and its a nightmare to wake her. Tried blowing her face and blowing rastberries on her cheeks- did work at first. Tickles, jiggling her about and moving bottle well in her mouth but she ignores it all now. The teats she has is right for her age. Avent 1 mt +. She still squirms and cries a bit during feeding. She always had 4oz before fine and had a good appetite so this is not right for her. She still drinks every 2-3 hrs tho.

I want to swap milk to see if it helps. I just feel cow and gate isnt right for her. What milk is recommened?



cmotdibbler Thu 04-Sep-08 08:34:00

I'd just try relaxing a little about the amount and frequency that she feeds for a bit before changing milks (which are all pretty much the same anyway - they have to be by law). If she wants 2oz, and then another 2oz 2 hours later, thats fine - just feed her when she wants, and as much as she wants. If you make her take more milk than she wants, she will vomit it back up.

I'd def stop all the jiggling, raspberries etc, and just accept that she will drink as much as she needs at a time. Imagine if someone tried to get you to eat a full roast dinner at every meal - sometimes you'd want to eat it all, sometimes you'd only want a little. And if they kept on at you to eat more, you'd get narked and feel sick.

jadey24 Thu 04-Sep-08 08:53:50

I know what ur saying im just worried she isnt getting enough milk down her considering she was drinking so much before and now she wont. Im worried something mite be wrong. She gets upset during a feed and cries and i know she is hungry coz at first when i try and take bottle from her she keeps it in her mouth but then she gives up after 2-3oz.

cmotdibbler Thu 04-Sep-08 09:00:37

She will vary the amount she drinks with time - they grow in spurts, so will go through a bit of drinking loads to support that, and then reduce it again.

You could try using a Variflow teat to see if she is getting annoyed with the flow rate

ajm200 Thu 04-Sep-08 09:02:51

You might have to change formula a few times before you find one that suits DD.

When we moved our LO over to formula from BF some made him sick or gave him terrible colic. Strangely enough, the ones that are supposed to be the most like breastmilk.

If she is ok on the formula that you are using and not taking much, I wouldn't change the formula. LOs won't starve themselves they eat what they need.

The jiggling, moving the bottle, etc might be adding to her wind/colic problems. They all go through growth spurts and seem to feed non-stop for a week or so then lose interest in food a bit and drop back to smaller feeds. This is a normal part of development and nothing to worry about as long as you get lots of wet nappies and her weight increases.

Growth spurts happen around 3, 6, 12 and 24 weeks on average but may vary

penona Thu 04-Sep-08 09:06:56

A friend of mine used Cow n Gate easy digest (or something like that) when her DS has some similar kind of problems. Or you might just be feeding her too much, perhaps just let her take what she wants at each feed for a day or so, and see how much she has taken overall. I used to keep a daily tally of oz drunk and then look at it over a 4 day period, to make sure averaged the right amount. Some days was more, some days less, but always averaged the same. Helped alot with the frustrations.
Good luck.

pudding25 Thu 04-Sep-08 09:07:12

I have heard that cow and gate can be a bit heavy. We give dd one bottle a day. We started on Aptimil 1 but recently changed to Hipp Organic which she seems to prefer. Hipp Organic also (IMO) tastes nicer!

cafebistro Thu 04-Sep-08 09:09:52

I used Aptamil for DS.

Becky77 Thu 04-Sep-08 09:21:47

I changed from Cow & Gate to Hipp Organic... I also changed from Avent to Dr Brown's at the same time so not sure which thing caused the improvement but I would definitely recommend the combination of Dr Brown's with Hipp organic over Cow&Gate with Avent... She takes the whole bottle so much easier you can see that she's enjoying it more and then you don't get the awful trapped wind screaming that we were getting with Avent & C&G.

Becky77 Thu 04-Sep-08 09:25:40

I would say it sounds like she's struggling with the avent bottles... Because of the vacuum i gets harder to drink the less there is in the bottle so the tend to leave a couple of oz... If you don't want to go straight to Dr Brown's you could test it by putting more in the bottle (6oz) so that she can have 4oz and still leave the 2oz that she's struggling with??

But Hipp Organic definitely digests easier. When our LO was on C&G she was storing up one super poo all day... Now she poops smaller amounts more regularly.

jadey24 Thu 04-Sep-08 10:09:30

omg thats what my lo does with storing the poo and then when she goes it ends up being explosive and results in her needing a bath lol.

Im gonna try the nxt size teats which will be 3mt + and see what happens with that and if no improvemnt and she is still struggling cause its been about a week and half of this now i will then try her on another milk. That hipp organic one seems to get a lot of good feedback so will try that one.

thx for ur help


Becky77 Thu 04-Sep-08 10:26:41

You said you tried Dr Brown's... SO does that mean you have some bottles at home? I would really recommend using them if you do

Good luck with it all xx

lauraloola Thu 04-Sep-08 11:07:19

We changed to Hipp Organic from SMA Gold when dd was about 7 weeks old. She had bad eczema on her face and was very sick. It worked a treat. We also changed her teats to varie flow and she is fine now.

jadey24 Thu 04-Sep-08 11:41:29

Yeh im using dr browns and avent bottles. I only have 4 dr browns so use a couple avents bottles. I have noticed a little improvmemnt with these and im also using infacol with her too but we still have a nightmare to wind her.
I will have to move her up to size 2 on dr browns as well.

I just tried the 3mt + teats on her with avent and she wasnt major hungry coz she had about 2ozs about an hr before but she took the bottle and had 2 ozs in like 5mins which is a major improvement coz it normally takes an hour for her to drink that.
I expected it to flood her as she is only 6 weeks but it never so im kinda shocked at that. I never expected that. She has only been on the 1mt + for 2 weeks.
Anyway she has gone to sleep so didnt want the other 2ozs but it could look like one of the solutions to that problem.
Cause of the windy problem that is still an issue im gonna swap her to hipp and see if it helps

Does anyone else's lo strain A LOT to fart and poo etc?
My lo seems to strain quite a bit even tho she goes once a day and she isnt consipated. Sometimes she cries when she does farts lol

Becky77 Thu 04-Sep-08 11:49:12

Yep my lo (12 weeks today) strains a lot and cries sometimes... I think is normal... She farts a lot... not so much now but when she was just born they were really loud :O

DaphneMoon Thu 04-Sep-08 12:03:26

I used Aptamil too, got on fine, although tried the hungry baby version and my DS couldn't get on with it. My HV at the time suggested I went back to the original. No probs after that.

jadey24 Thu 04-Sep-08 12:10:59

Did anyones lo get an upset tummy when changing milks?


Becky77 Thu 04-Sep-08 12:17:45

Nope... But then her tummy was already suffering from being on C&G... So it just got better

jadey24 Thu 04-Sep-08 12:19:36

lol thats a good point actually

Im gonna buy some hipp tonight and try her on it straight away

lauraloola Thu 04-Sep-08 12:38:28

My dd was fine when we changed. I was unsure about doing it but am so glad I did. Hipp is a bit thicker so seems to be nicer on their tummies plus its cheaper smile

jadey24 Fri 05-Sep-08 18:03:53

just to let people know i tried dd on hipp organic last nite and OMG!

She had the first bottle at 8.30pm ish. Drained the whole 4oz without leaving the usuall oz or 2 that she did. She drank it without a fight, no crying or squirming about like she use to. She wouldnt even stop to be winded..just gulped it down like no 2mor. She then gave me a big ass smile after she finished. Lol neva had a smile after a bottle before. She then went to sleep about 9pm and didnt wake up till 4am. She has neva gone that long with sleep before.
All the bottles since that one she has drained completly and has slept straight after.

Just amazing the difference.
Deffo convinced nw it was C&G causing a lot of her problems.

Thx for the recommendations


tiktok Fri 05-Sep-08 18:13:00

Hmmm...interesting and good news for your dd, jadey Main diff between Hipp and most other brands is the fact that Hipp does not have prebiotics - plenty of anecdotal evidence that prebiotics in formula have drawbacks.

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