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Please Help - First few days - how much/how often/how long? Sleepy/Jaundice baby.

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LadyOfWaffle Sat 23-Aug-08 22:46:46

So lost with DS - born Thursday, latching OK but doesn't feed for long (maybe a good suck for 5 mins?), a few times he has sucked/stopped/sucked etc. for maybe 30 mins, and other times he has a few sucks then gives up. He has had pooey nappies and wet nappies, not loads and loads though and I am so unsure if he is getting enough. Shall I start expressing do you think? I expressed with DS1 for the first week so didn't really go through this. No MW visit yet (Friday = too short notice for them, today & tomorrow = weekend = no visits) so am abit helpless. Baby sleeping alot also, and has either become or I have just noticed he is jaundice (mainly his whites of his eyes, esp. from the corner are quite neony yellow). Rung MW contact (not avaliable) so rung hosp. of birth who are just chasing it up, so need advice in meantime. Thanks so much, sorry for badly put post, trying to type quick (bit sore)

thisisyesterday Sat 23-Aug-08 22:52:59

awww, if he is jaundiced you can help by feeding lots and lots and getting some sunshine on him!
park his crib near a window, or go out for walks with him

the 30 min long stop/start feeds sound about right tbh.
if he is very sleepy you probably would want to wake him every 2 hours or so and feed.

get plenty of skin to skin, baths with him etc etc and basically just latch him on as much as possible.

remember, even if he has just a few sucks it'sb etter than nothing at all.

(oh, and congratulations!)

LadyOfWaffle Sat 23-Aug-08 22:56:33

Sat by the river for four hours today I'll park his basket (or more commonly my lap!) in the sunlight tomorrow abit more, was abit scared of toasting him though. I have tried waking to feed but he just nods off, even after nappy change/wind etc.

morocco Sat 23-Aug-08 22:59:11

keep trying the mw if you are worried at all, they should be able to send someone out.

off the top of my head and based on ds1 who was sleepy and jaundiced, aim for feeds every 2-3 hours, thinking about waking him up if necessary. while he's feeding, if he's really sleepy and you want to keep him awake, try stroking his cheek by his ears and tickling his toes. after he finishes a feed on one side, change his nappy to wake him up a bit and then offer the other breast. no need to express as yet(obv unless told to by mw and then double checked on mn smile)


sunnytimer Sat 23-Aug-08 23:00:42

Message withdrawn

LadyOfWaffle Sat 23-Aug-08 23:08:45

Argh, just listened to a messege from MW reminding me that it's a bank holiday ie. no visit Monday either. Ok, i'll leave expressing for now and keep waking to feed. THanks x

sunnytimer Mon 25-Aug-08 20:47:42

Message withdrawn

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