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Me again - Breastfeeding class questions

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StormInanEcup Wed 13-Aug-08 13:17:29

Message withdrawn

emskaboo Wed 13-Aug-08 13:32:11

My breastfeeding class was great the three things that really stand out were;

the story about a woman who was in a coma for two weeks and still breastfed afterwards, her DH pumped and her SIL bf'd her baby so he didn't get nipple confusion. We all blubbed like fools, moral was we could do it. If the latch was bad rather than unlatch and try again push baby's shoulders gently toward you as it pushes their nose into your boob prompting them to tip head back thereby getting a better latch, worked a treat for me and everyone I've told since. Finally that if we did bf we deserved to be very proud of ourselves as it could be hard work to establish, all DPs at the group weretold we were allowed to develop a breastfeeding finger and do the whole 'get me a...'

The bf class I went to really helped me feel excited and positivie about breast feeding. Ella Jackson rules. I hope your class goes well and everyone gets a lot out of it.

StormInanEcup Wed 13-Aug-08 13:45:30

Message withdrawn

onwardandupward Wed 13-Aug-08 13:45:56

Nose to nipple and tummy to mummy!

Trying out various positions with dolls.

Seeing pictures of women breastfeeding babies and older children was really inspiring.

Making sure everyone has the phone numbers of every bfc in the county...

and the suggestion of letting the newborn do the newborn crawl up to the breast and latch themselves on - that was an amazing experience and gave me such confidence in our ability! None of your aggressive-midwives-shoving-baby-at-nipple thank you very much!

Every single woman in my NCT antenatal class went on to breastfeed successfully

Umlellala Wed 13-Aug-08 13:58:18

*please tell everybody how often a real-life baby wants to suck (ie constantly), and that it's ok to be more or less permanently attached! (and that it is quite handy to have a fab solution on tap whenever the crying is too much and you don't know what it is- whack 'em on!)

*that let-down might be a bit sore but KEEP readjusting latch and it won't hurt. Revise latch often. you can have a good latch, and make it better!

*how to hold baby so you don't hunch over (this is what i will ask when i finally get round to going to group)

*how to bf walking round - and how to put on a ring sling and bf in it. altho i have worked this out myself, it is VERY USEFUL smile

Umlellala Wed 13-Aug-08 14:02:00

also, i remember being told how important the colostrum was - and thinking well, i will give it a go even if thats all i do (first time wasn't even going to bf but did mixed for 3 weeks- this time with the wealth of info on mumsnet am still going exclusive bf and intend to for a good while yet...)

that newborn crawling thing IS amazing, I agree!

HeadFairy Wed 13-Aug-08 14:03:25

That all babies are different and they don't all take a perfect 40 minutes to feed. Some take ten minutes, some take 2 hours (mine did), it's far far far more important to learn to understand the signs that your baby has had enough, ie he's contented, gaining weight, has lots of wet and dirty nappies etc etc. All these signs must be taken together aswell, if he doesn't poo for a couple of days doesn't mean he's getting enough milk, or if he's not gained weight one week it's not a sign you're failing at breastfeeding. It's much more important to look at the whole picture.

That would be what I would tell someone hoping to breastfeed anyway.

smallwhitecat Wed 13-Aug-08 14:08:12

Message withdrawn

StormInanEcup Wed 13-Aug-08 14:10:19

Message withdrawn

HensMum Wed 13-Aug-08 14:12:16

Do you know what I'd find useful at a breastfeeding class? Actually seeing a real life mum feeding her baby. It just recently occurred to me that until I had my son, I hadn't seen another woman breastfeeding, probably when my mum fed my brother in 1978 when I was 2.
It's really hard when you are pregnant with your first to imagine having a baby let alone feeding one. Although we practiced with dolls at my group, it wasn't much good as a) I had a massive bump in the way and b) they only showed us one hold, which my son didn't like!

SarahLeosMum Wed 13-Aug-08 14:16:58

We did a thing with eating a yoghurt in a tube and trying to do it with our heads turned to one side or with our neck on our chest to illustrate how important the position is. That was good.

I needed more information on what to do if there are problems and how to spot that there are problems e.g. baby's behaviour (baby screaming for 12 hours then not waking for 12 hours is not normal), red patches on boobs, what soreness is normal. I came away from my class thinking it was going to be easy and lovely and then was distraught when I had problems. The class very much contributed to me feeling a faliure and I was very angry about it when I realised how widespread problems are. When I gave feedback I was told that they don't like to dwell on problems because it might put people off trying (out of my class of 7, all tried to bf, 2 managed it ok, 2 managed with a lot of probs and anguish, 1 expressed for 6 months, 2 switched to formula). Not sure how typical this is.

Also, giving people the details of organisations that can help is good but need people to understand they are volunteers, I had unrealistic expectations and have never managed to get through to a helper any of the times I have rung the helplines.

Ahh, writing that down was quite theraputic

Umlellala Wed 13-Aug-08 14:19:07

don't say that it won't hurt. because i think although it shouldn't be continuously painful (and as before, should check latch again), i believe a small amount of tingling/pain at first is quite normal. many of us aren't used to having such suction on our boobs wink and what is a funny sensation for one, might be 'painful' to another. oh, and tell partners to put their fingers in baby's mouth to feel how hard they blimmin suck (had lots more sympathy from dh!).

real-life breastfeeder, yes, v useful...

StealthPolarBear Wed 13-Aug-08 15:24:04

Yes RL breastfeeder, one who is fine for people to come up and have a good look. Just as long as the baby is young enough to be in the 'right' position iyswim. I'd do something like this but my 15m DS feeds upside down, on one leg, with one toe up his nose etc

MrsJamin Wed 13-Aug-08 15:44:45

We were given pictures of a baby feeding, from the perspective of the mother, so we placed these pictures over our boobs so we could see what a good latch would look like. It was helpful to see it from 'above' IYSWIM rather than from someone else's perspective.

I wish I'd have seen a lady breastfeeding up close, i.e. to look over her shoulder as then you can see what to look for in the neck, ears, chin, lower lip etc, would have helped in checking the latch early on to minimise the weeks of painful feeding before I/DS got the latch right.

StealthPolarBear Wed 13-Aug-08 15:47:01

a woman bfeeding a 8mo at NCT class let me have a really good look (without trying to cover up and be discreet) and that was so useful.

StormInanEcup Wed 13-Aug-08 15:56:24

Message withdrawn

babyOcho Thu 14-Aug-08 02:38:33

In our class she asked us what problems we thought that you would have with BFing, or why women stopped BFing. We then talked about the problems and issues and she really made it clear that it's not a walk in the park but there was lots of help. She gave us all the numbers, including her home phone number.

Our class was mums and dads so the partners understood that to successfully BF they needed to help and to encourage and to understand... DP is a massive fan of BFing and tries to encourage all the new dads that he knows to get on the BFing bandwagon as its so beneficial to your LO.

We also did the yoghart in the tube thing which we thought was good.

I also remember everyone banging on about how convenient it was. I never really got this and thought 'yeah, whatever.' Within a few days of being a new mum I really understood this - when you're LO is crying for milk in the middle of the night you can just put her straight on before she goes crazy hysterical with hunger. And when you go places you can just go.

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