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DS pulls away - blimey he's strong!

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HunkerMunker Mon 14-Feb-05 00:08:00

When I nurse DS he pushes against me with his hands and tucks his chin in so that he's really pulling my nipple (worse on right boob, but getting bad on left). He used to nurse well lying down, and it's better than the cradle hold, but not great.

If I hold his hand, he cries like his heart's breaking - sometimes he'll tolerate it if he can push against the flat of my hand, but sometimes it just has to be my chest.

What can I do?! I really do not want to stop nursing him (he's 10 months old) - he doesn't want to stop either (he comes up to me and pats me (gently) till I nurse him when we're out and he's always happy to nurse first thing and before naps/bed. He's just very strong and has got into bad habits - how can I help him break them?!

I've tried sitting him on my lap to nurse him, which is all very well at home, but if he's desperate to nurse when we're out (sometimes nothing will distract him!), this looks a little odd to say the least!

highlander Mon 14-Feb-05 03:22:26

DS, even when he was very young, used to do this. I now feed him on a long pillow in the rugby ball position so he's got more room to kick and push. He's only 6mo, so I don't know if your DS is too big for this?

NotQuiteCockney Mon 14-Feb-05 07:02:01

Can you stop the feed when he does these things? It won't be nice (for either of you) but I expect he'll find new habits quickly?

And I'd nurse him on your lap wherever you're nursing, as well, never mind how it looks ...

(I know people used to sell special necklaces for babies to play with while breastfeeding - maybe making sure he's got something other than you to fiddle with?)

HunkerMunker Mon 14-Feb-05 16:43:07

Thanks ladies. DS is ten months and was actually fine when we were out today. HAD to have milk before he'd eat any lunch though... WHY did I think it would be a good plan to let him self-wean?! No, seriously, I'm happy with the decision, but I think I'll be a battered mother by the time he's done!

Highlander, yes, DS is too big for the rugby ball position now - that used to work, only he'd try to look above his head and pull away that way. For a child who's so desperate to nurse, he does a good impression of one who wants to get away!!

I've tried stopping the feed, but he cries. Like his heart's breaking. Little monkey - he's got me wound right round his little finger!

HunkerMunker Mon 14-Feb-05 22:40:27

He's a new trick now (just started today...). He pushes my chin to one side every time I look to the front! Then he clambers his fingers inside my mouth. Nice!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 16-Feb-05 08:02:39

HunkerMunker, I think those special necklaces are just the thing you (well, he) need. I don't think I've seen them on UK sites, but if you have a search, you can see the sort of thing ... just something with interesting beads to fiddle with.

At least the mouth thing isn't painful, or at least not on your boobs.

I'm starting to hope DS2 will take after DS1, when it comes to nursing in public - he's already not very interested, and would rather look around. I don't mind nursing in public when they're tiny and easy, but when it's a wrestling match, it's a bit much.

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