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Milk intake for a 9 month old

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callaird Mon 21-Jul-08 17:18:41

Hi all,

A little worried about one of my twin charges, he is not interested in his milk (in a bottle) at all, I feel like we are force feeding him to get him to take around 300 mls a day (to drink), HV advises 500ml a day. He has roughly 50ml in breakfast cereal, natural yog at lunch time with fruit puree (with lumps!) he will eat cheese cubes and has cheese in some of his meals - fish pie, cauliflower cheese, pasta and cheese sauce etc but these are not everyday, maybe every other day. He is gaining weight but dropping off his centile line, although he is moving about now, I would say crawling but they both look like they have been shot in the lower back and have no use of their legs, dragging them along behind them!!!

His brother (elder but smaller) is eating the same amount but drinking 500+ml a day, he's gaining on R in weight. |They are still sleeping through the night and sleep well during the day (mainly!)

So is R having too little or L having too much milk?? Or should I try to get them to meet somewhere in between? I have never looked after a child who doesn't like milk! But his morning and evening bottle are taking ages, (no longer than 30 mins though) L finishes in about 10-15! He cries when he sees the bottle and grabs it to drink it, then after half a dozen sucks pushes it away, he does this over and over until we give up!

Am I worrying for no reason?

Otherwise, they are gorgeous! Hard work but so much fun too!

Tia Ali xx

LittleMyDancingForJoy Mon 21-Jul-08 17:49:48

Hmmm, I'm no expert but didn't want this to fall off active conversations!

I would resist the urge to compare the two, even identical twins are very different in temperament and personality, IMO. If he's happy and healthy and eating lots of solids, then I would be inclined not to worry too much.

You've said his brother is smaller, so maybe he's catching up?

But as I say - I'm not an expert.

callaird Mon 21-Jul-08 19:29:49

I think that is the biggest problem, L is draining his bottles twice a day, R just doesn't seem to be interested, he'd rather be off playing, he fights to get down!! He's healthy, he eats anything you give him and he's growing! I guess he just doesn't need it!

Thanks for the reply. Muct appreciated.


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