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Guardian article re Farley's change to Heinz Nurture and the subsequent price hike

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hunkermunker Mon 14-Jul-08 00:03:42

Not sure if this has already been posted - MNers quoted in this article.

policywonk Mon 14-Jul-08 00:05:43

Yes, the last one quoted is kiskidee apparently. Also we have drawn the G's attention to the mad bfing stats in the last para.

puffylovett Mon 14-Jul-08 00:08:25

Is that figure on bfing correct ?

Didn't post on the last one, but thought it pertinent to mention that if the price hike is partly due to 'more hygienic scoop' conditions, why don't they scrap the scoop and lower the price grin

KashaSarrasin Mon 14-Jul-08 00:09:33

"The NHS encourages mothers to breastfeed if possible. Its last big survey, in 2005, suggested 76% of mothers did so for at least six months, up from 69% in 2000. Half of all mothers continued breastfeeding after six months."

hmm Where on earth did they get those figures from???!!! hmm

policywonk Mon 14-Jul-08 00:11:07

No, there's no way the figures are correct. NQC found the correct stats and posted them on the other thread - I think it was 26% still feeding at 6 months (and tbh I was a bit surprised at it being that high).

Amphibimum Mon 14-Jul-08 00:11:27

actually, it sounds kinda good, those figures. maybe people will think its all the reage/dead normal and try it if they think everyone else is [flippant]

hunkermunker Mon 14-Jul-08 00:16:07

"The breastfeeding initiation rate for the UK was 76 per cent in 2005. The rates for the four countries of the UK were 78 per cent in England, 70 per cent in Scotland, 67 per cent in Wales and 63 per cent in Northern Ireland."

Someone doesn't understand the word "initiation" or how to get past the first paragraph of a summary, I don't think

Sorry, had skimmed but not seen another thread - what's it called, please and I'll go and read smile

thumbwitch Mon 14-Jul-08 00:17:37

perhaps he meant 6 WEEKS, not months?

kiskidee Mon 14-Jul-08 00:21:10

Add one ingredient of very dubious distinction, nearly double the price and viola! A miracle product. Tossers.

hunkermunker Mon 14-Jul-08 00:25:22

No mention in the article of just how few babies this ingredient's been tested on.

Wonder if SMA have a similar price hike on the horizon? "Declined to comment"... hmm

I have seen how much formula is in France (18-22 euro per tub) - £14.40-17.61, according to my magic Google calculator - maybe manufacturers are hoping the market will stand for similar prices here?

puffylovett Mon 14-Jul-08 00:27:32


really ?

do they have higher bfing rates over there then hunker ?

maybe the government is behind the price hike. Lets get mums to go green and bfeed

hunkermunker Mon 14-Jul-08 00:29:14

No, think France has relatively low bf rates, iirc.

puffylovett Mon 14-Jul-08 00:32:07

that really is profiting out of neccessity then isn't it sad

kiskidee Mon 14-Jul-08 00:33:37

carpetbagging, i'd say, puffy.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 14-Jul-08 00:45:35

I'm not at all surprised, tbh.

hunkermunker Mon 14-Jul-08 00:45:57

I'd actually be interested to know how many women give their babies something other than formula in France - because you can be sure that if they put the prices up too much, babies will end up being fed Carnation milk again.

My guess is they're seeing what the market will take and pulling Farley's out of the bottom of the price range is the beginning of that process.

hunkermunker Mon 14-Jul-08 00:57:20

A French formula - I would also be fascinated to know what the French policy is on marketing formula, because I reckon a lot of this is stuff that wouldn't be allowed in the UK.

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