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Enough milk

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MANDYJ Fri 28-Jan-05 11:55:29

I breast feed my three month old son. Sometimes he will feed for an hour and still ask for more, so i change breasts and he then seems happy for three hours or so before the next feed. However, sometimes he will only feed for 10/15 minutes and still seem content to wait two/three hours until the next feed.

He also sleeps for at least 7 hours a night. I am worried (a) that he is not getting enough food onhis 10 minute feeds and (b) that he is not getting enough food at night.

He is very healthy and gaining weight. Am i just worrying unnecessarily?

colditzmum Fri 28-Jan-05 11:58:01

Yes i think you are worrying unnecessarily.

So does everyone with their first baby, so don't feel silly at all. I worried myself sick, literally sick, over things so trivial I can't even remember them now.

Maybe your milk comes out very fast!

tillykins Fri 28-Jan-05 11:59:22

Mandy, sounds like you are doing a wonderful job - and have nothing to worry about!
Well done, keep it up

PS - I think they do this just to keep you on your toes. Don't worry, it passes in about 15 years

Beansmum Fri 28-Jan-05 12:01:14

i think you are worrying unnecessarily! As long as he is happy and is putting on weight he is fine.

my ds only fed for 5-10mins every 3hrs when he was that age and slept through the night from about 12 weeks.

don't worry!!!

jbadgirl Fri 28-Jan-05 12:01:43

Mandyj - I wouldnt worry as you say he is healthy and gaining weight. He gets as much milk as he needs but he probably finds your breast a comfort and enjoys being close to you.

MANDYJ Fri 28-Jan-05 12:02:46

Thank you. feel better now. Milk does tend to come out fast. Sometimes goes everywhere.

Nice to have some reassurance.

Thanks again.

scotlou Fri 28-Jan-05 12:03:40

I would think that the 10 minute feeds are more concentrated feeding than the hour long ones and he is getting plenty! My ds would stay latched on for over an hour - but was really only enjoying the comfort factor rather than feeding strongly for the whole hour. When he was fully awake and hungry a 5 -10 minute feed did him fine!
I think you have a very well contented baby and are doing a great job!

beansprout Fri 28-Jan-05 12:05:24

Mandy - my ds is also 3 months old and I have the same. Sometimes he feeds for ages, usually fairly slowly and sleepily by the end, and other times he has a v efficient 10 min feed. As long as he needs regular nappy changes and is fine himself, I don't worry.

Btw, if ds was born in Oct, you are very welcome to join us on the October thread in the post-natal clubs section!

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