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I dont think my son ever empties my breasts completely

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Jasmer Wed 11-Dec-02 00:22:17

In Gina's book she talks about changing sides after 20-25 minutes and letting the baby empty the breast. I have plenty of milk but I don't think he has ever (he is only 3 weeks old ) managed to do so, as he is already satisfied between 15-25 minutes, is that a problem?

suedonim Wed 11-Dec-02 01:49:29

It's impossible to completely empty the breast, Jasmer, there is always some milk there. Also, babies vary in the amount of time they take to feed so I really wouldn't worry about these things if your baby is thriving. HTH

SoupDragon Wed 11-Dec-02 08:42:45

Both DS1 and 2 used to feed 15 minutes max from each side. They were both big babies, contented between feeds and piled on the weight so I think your baby is doing just fine.

I think when GF says "empty the breast" she probably means you should ensure they get through to the hind milk and have a lot of that. As suedonim says, your breasts are never really empty but you can usually tell if the baby's had a good feed as they (well mine did!) go much softer. I'd take GFs timings as an average. A friend's baby born at the same time as DS2 fed for an hour at a time - she was not impressed with my quick feeding baby!!

Basically, if your baby is satisfied, content and growing well after a shorter feed than GF says, your baby is right, not her!

Enid Wed 11-Dec-02 09:23:18

Well done Jasmer, you sound like you are doing a very good job of feeding your baby. They are all different, its impossible to put timings on it. dd1 fed for an hour at a time, dd2 feeds for 15 minutes on one breast at each feed and is completely contented and putting on masses of weight - so who knows? If you are feeling the let down reflex then that is a good sign that baby is getting some of the hind milk mixed in.

Greengage Wed 11-Dec-02 10:17:39

I think GF's timings really are guidelines. I'm trying to stick to the routines but am finding it difficult particularly when my DD (she's 1 month old) breastfeeds for varying amounts of time. We're still on the 1 week old routine cos she can't stay awake during the day for long enough and is only just coming up to 7lb.

Sometimes I'm feeding for up to 2 hours on and off because she keeps falling asleep, gets a lot of wind, then needs her nappy changing up to 2 or 3 times and isn't content to go down. At other times she feeds about 10-15 mins. Sometimes she feeds from one breast, at others she needs the second. I don't know.

Main thing I guess is that baby gains weight week by week, and on the whole seems contented.

susanmt Wed 11-Dec-02 10:57:44

Different babies feed for different lengths of time and at 3 weeks old no breastfed baby has got into much of a routine. The important thing is to feed when your baby wants for as long as they want to, and if your ds is falling asleep and seems satisfied and is growing, i wouldn't stress about timings - it is what suits your baby that matters.

tiktok Wed 11-Dec-02 15:57:39

I am not going to get into a GF debate, but this is a good example of how GF really does not understand breastfeeding. The breasts are never totally empty, and there is often milk there if you squeeze (and she suggests you do so). Her timings are far too prescriptive - look at the baby not the clock!

If your baby is doing fine, then there's no need to worry that he doesn't behave in the way he's 'supposed' to. Babies, and mothers, are individuals : )

GF fans are often very forgiving - guidelines, eh? averages, eh? The CLBB does not describe them that way!

prufrock Wed 11-Dec-02 16:11:02

No tiktok she doesn't - but us GF Mums really are very flexible you know

donnie Wed 11-Dec-02 16:17:41

it is very important to try and empty the breast as if you don't you can get mastitis. I got it twice and it was agony both times! apparently my breasts were not being emptied so I tried to keep my daughter on the same one for longer.Now she's 13 months old and hasnt been near my boobs in months and I can honestly say I do Not miss breast feeding AT ALL!!!!!!

Jasmer Wed 11-Dec-02 16:24:00

Thanks everyone for your responses, baby is indeed growing and seems to be content, my breasts are indeed going soft and I am also feeling the let down if that is the tingling feeling before feeding, so I guess all is going well and I will just continue the way we have been. Thanks!

tiktok Wed 11-Dec-02 21:13:46

Donnie - sorry, you are not quite right about this. Yes, milk needs to be removed from the breast effectively, and often, and uniformly (that is, not from some of the breasts ducts and not others). Not doing that can lead to mastitis, you're right.

But complete emptying is neither possible, nor desirable, when you think about it.

bloss Thu 12-Dec-02 01:04:43

Message withdrawn

susanmt Thu 12-Dec-02 01:40:23

No, bloss, but I think it can lead to confusion, especially when the person who is using the term is not present.

SoupDragon Thu 12-Dec-02 08:44:06

I know technically they're not empty but I could certainly tell when mine were "no longer full"

It's like a jug being filled from a dripping tap - you can empty it when it's full but it's never truly empty as the next drip has started to fill it again. You can, I guess, "empty the breast" but the breast will not be truly empty as it's constantly filling up. See, clear as mud - lol.

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