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Cow & Gate vs Aptamil

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Pixie3007 Mon 07-Sep-20 09:36:02

Which formula do people prefer or recommend out of Cow & Gate and Aptamil?
Thank you!

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Khajit Mon 07-Sep-20 09:39:20

I used cow and gate. It's one of the cheaper ones and is widely available. There is no real difference between them except the price.

NameChange564738 Mon 07-Sep-20 09:40:34

Watch channel 4 dispatches: the great formula milk scandal

Itsalwayssunnyupnorth Mon 07-Sep-20 09:41:03

It makes very little difference formula is heavily regulated regarding ingredients etc so they are all essentially the same- that said some babies seem to get on better with one over another. With DC1 I used cow and gate which worked well. Cow and gate is cheaper and I live in quite a rural village and the small local shop stocks it so seemed sensible to go for that in case of running out and not being able to get anywhere else. DC2 is combi fed and gets SMA as that’s what DP went out and bought when we needed to top up due to jaundice!

Okki Mon 07-Sep-20 09:44:41

If I remember correctly, they're made by the same company and the ingredients are virtually identical.

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