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One boob fuller than the other

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mussie Tue 16-Jun-20 16:03:26

Congratulations on your wee one! I would just keep alternating sides with each feed - as it's a supply and demand system, the fuller breast will 'learn' that baby doesn't need that much and will make less, and the less full one will 'learn' to make more. It's still very early days, things will even out in the coming days and weeks. Be careful introducing a haakaa (or any pump) this early - it might lead to an oversupply, which can lead to engorgement and mastitis.

Sweetpea1989 Mon 15-Jun-20 05:58:39

LO is 6 days old. One boob is deffo fuller than the other, how do I even them out?

I have a hakka.

Do I feed baby on the low one first? Do I use the Hakka on the low one for longer?


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