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Anyone been given Infant Gaviscon - side effects?

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123V Sat 04-Sep-04 21:23:22

My 14 week old breast fed bg has suddenly started vomiting up every feed, last weigh in she'd gained nothing in a week (now 10lbs 8 ozs but v.tall) Giving Infant Gaviscon after every feed but although vomiting not so severe now vomit all jelly-like and revolting. Plus no poo for three days since I started giving it to her she used to fill her nappy at least twice a day before. Getting worried although she seems happy, sleeping through the night etc. Seems to be better if I keep her horizontal and don't burb her at all - can't be right, surely? How long without a poo before she explodes please?

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blossomhill Sat 04-Sep-04 21:36:29

3 days is a long time IMO. I would give NHS direct a call and see what they say.

tiktok Sun 05-Sep-04 12:58:07

3 days is not a long time without a poo for a bf baby - far from it. It is however a long time for vomitting. Yes - get some decent medical advice.

tiktok Sun 05-Sep-04 12:59:41

Should add that if the 3 days is not her usual pattern, then it could be a sign you need somre more investigations. But of itself it's ok - plenty of bf mums on these boards can report gaps of 7 or 10 days or more between poos!

123V Sun 05-Sep-04 15:20:05

Thank you for your feed back. I've stopped giving her the Gaviscon and up to now have two chopped apricots in her nappy to show for it. I'm amazed that she's not in pain. Still being sick though, am going to try a teaspoon of baby rice with breast milk (really thin) to see if she can keep down something a little thicker.

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aloha Sun 05-Sep-04 15:43:59

Before you give he baby rice I would definitely see your GP. Vomiting is not right in a small baby. I really don't think rice is the answer.

tiktok Sun 05-Sep-04 16:10:34

123V - you mean you are giving her solid foods? Could this not be the reason for the vomitting? She is very young for solids. Again, you need to seek medical help.

Yorkiegirl Sun 05-Sep-04 16:19:31

Message withdrawn

LIZS Mon 06-Sep-04 12:10:24

Can't imagine why a hitherto happily bfed baby would start to vomit unless a) has a tummy bug or b) has intolerance to something recently introduced into diet. Either way I'd suggest holding off anything other than breastmilk until you have seen gp. If it is a gastric bug then imho Gaviscon or baby rice would not be the answer and could just prolong it.


Sandi102 Mon 06-Sep-04 20:45:20

my ds2 was given infant gaviscon and he suffered terribly with constipation, so i stopped giving the gaviscon. gp thought ds had hidden reflux but he didn't, he just prefers to fuss at feeding time..

TiredParents1 Sun 10-Nov-19 16:15:55

My little boy has poop in every nappy, there's sometimes only a tiny bit like when he's farted and a bits come out, but for there to be poop in every one, goes through about 8 in a 24 hour period. Used to be 10-15.

He's putting weight on like a champ though, born 7lb4 now weighing 10lb7, so Doc's etc are very happy with weight gain. So that's good.

I can't help but feel there's something amiss for there to be poop in every nappy though?


TiredParents1 Sun 10-Nov-19 16:16:35

Oops. Meant to be new post. Sorry.

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