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6 wk old crying lots only when trying to breastfeed...HELP!!

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luckymummy74 Sat 23-Jun-07 10:53:18

I am posting on behalf of a friend who bless her, hasn't got time to surf mumsnet.
Her 6 week old has recently started crying everytime she tries to feed him (breast feed), drawing his knees up etc. She says he's better at night?
She doesn't think it's colic as he's not crying lots all day , it's mainly when she tries to feed him. He burps well, but is quite windy baby.
She is struggling!! I successfully BF my dd, now 13 mths old for 5 mths, but I never experienced this so I don't know what advice to give her. Please, any suggestions?

tiktok Sat 23-Jun-07 14:33:25

luckymummy - I don't think she can be helped indirectly in this way, sorry. For instance, I would need to know lots more about the baby and the feeding before making suggestions. She needs to call one of the helplines, I think.

fizzipop Sat 23-Jun-07 15:33:11

OK, thanks tiktok. I believe she has a good breast feeding nurse, but she is on holiday this week !

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