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Help - new to formula feeding

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Needsleeptime Mon 24-Sep-18 14:29:20

Hi all

After 8 mtgs of ebf, I have had to stop and move to formula feeding. This is a whole new world for me and I can’t get me head around it - please help.

What is the best way to manage when you are out all day? Can you make up formula beforehand and how long will it last once made? I want to avoid the ready made formula as much as possible for cost reasons! Is it worth buying the bottle thermos bags?

Many thankd

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Mindchilder Mon 24-Sep-18 14:32:10

Always make formula up according to the instructions on the tub with freshly boiled water.
Once made it should be good for 2 hours - check the tub instructions though.
If you're going to be out for longer than that I would use ready made.

LemonScentedStickyBat Mon 24-Sep-18 14:40:02

Most formula needs to be made with 70 degree water, which is what you get if you boil a full kettle and let it cool for half an hour. Then make up the feed and cool the bottle down by running it under the cold tap.

Parents have different workarounds for being out all day - carrying water of the right temp in a flask for example. If making in advance, the bottle needs to go straight in the back of the fridge once made and used within 24 hours. Parents then take what they need out in a cool bag. Some babies will drink it cold, if not it will need heating by standing in some hot water.

MauraIsles Mon 24-Sep-18 14:41:42

For whatever brand you’re using eg SMA, they do sell ready made bottles of formula, I used to keep a few in the house to take out with me in a pinch!

WhyDoesItAlways Mon 24-Sep-18 15:08:02

I used to carry a flask of boiling water and a bottle of cooled boiled water with pre measured amounts of formula. I then made bottles as and when required by putting a couple ounces of boiled water over the formula powder and mixing and then filling the rest with the cool boiled water. This meant that the powder was sterilised by the boiling water and the cool boiled water cooled it down so it was the right temp for drinking.

If I had the option I would have used premade but DS was on special formula.

sophiec123 Mon 24-Sep-18 20:35:23

I have bottle fed and bought a thermos flask from Asda and fill it each day with boiling water. We also bought powder pots from Asda where you just make up your powder before you leave (very handy).. we usually make the bottle 20 mins before baby is due and leave to cool on its own

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