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Nursing chairs recommendations

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StinkySaurus Sun 19-Aug-18 11:03:10

I’m looking to buy a nursing chair. It’s a bit tricky as shops don’t seem to stock them on their floors so you can’t try before you buy! :S Any recommendations or ones to avoid? TIA

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Allaboutalex Sun 19-Aug-18 11:07:41

I got an ikea strandmon- not a nursing chair but so comfy, lovely for story telling and it has wings so I have fell asleep in it too. My logic when I bought it was I’d move it to the sitting room eventually, assuming we’d only need it for a certain amount of time but I’ve actually bought a second one now that my toddler is moving room and we’re having a new baby. One of the best baby purchases

Wishicouldsleep Sun 19-Aug-18 11:10:14

John Lewis and Mothercare stock the Kub Haywood chair and footstool.

It's the best. So comfy and glides smoothly. It reclines back. It's too comfy- I've almost fallen asleep in it! It's the only thing that's made night feeds bareable.

It seems to be cheaper if you buy direct from KUB:

BertieBotts Sun 19-Aug-18 11:10:58

I like the glider type rocking chairs you can get. Mothercare usually have one on display if it's a big enough store. So comfy and relaxing. I really didn't like Poang which is the usual ikea one, the bouncing made me feel a bit sick.

harrietm87 Sun 19-Aug-18 11:48:02

I got a kub one on eBay for £15! It's brilliant. Worth looking for secondhand as there are loads in good condition as only used for a short time.

StinkySaurus Sun 19-Aug-18 12:04:02

With the glider chairs how long did you use them for feeding for? Did your baby become too long to use it?

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BertieBotts Sun 19-Aug-18 12:24:46

I only borrowed mine so had to give it back when he was a year but it was out bedtime chair until then. I did 90% of feeding in other locations I must admit. Haven't bothered getting any special chair this time. But it helped soothe him enough to latch in the early days. Once they get longer you can just change position.

harrietm87 Mon 20-Aug-18 09:37:20

Mine is in our room. In the early days it was invaluable as it has good arms for support when working out positions etc. I started feeding him in bed a couple of weeks in but I still use it occasionally for daytime feeds now he's 4 months, and when we move him into his own room we'll probably move the chair in there and do his bedtime feed. I wouldn't have paid full price for one but it's been well worth the £15 I spent!

SweepTheHalls Mon 20-Aug-18 09:39:30

All much of a muchness, get one secondhand is my advice!

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