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Waiting to feed

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chardonm Mon 13-Aug-18 19:17:23

Hello all, would love to hear what others are doing regarding being out and about with little ones.

My little one is 3 months and we live a part of the country where we have to take the car everywhere. Sometimes my little one starts crying (hungry) when in the car. If we're 5m away from the house, I usually power on and feed her as soon as we get home. If we are further; I pull over and feed her on the back seat.

How long can a little baby wait? 10m? How do you all do it? It's particularly tricky when I have a boot full of fresh food and I have to pull over to feed....

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arbrighton Mon 13-Aug-18 20:35:02

Depends on how loud and distracting the crying is- I couldn't drive when he was little and crying. I still find it hard when he cries now at 14 Mo (through boredom on a 3hr journey, we'd eaten, he'd napped, and I can only sing for so long before I lose the will to live) . Can you feed before the journey with the food shop and take a cool box for anything frozen or particularly perishable?

It won't be long before they can wait longer though.

mindutopia Tue 14-Aug-18 15:06:03

It depends on the age of the baby and if they are genuinely hungry (not crying for another reason). A 6 week old I wouldn’t expect them to wait, but my youngest is 6 months now and he could definitely wait 10 minutes. I do try to anticipate when he might be hungry (if we are leaving the store, I’d just offer to feed him before I put him back in his car seat) so it rarely happens that he is suddenly and unexpectedly hungry. But increasingly he won’t feed when we’re out anyway so he waits himself until we get back home and isn’t upset by it, so it isn’t usually an issue.

Whatamuddleduck Wed 15-Aug-18 08:19:48

I can usually anticipate when a feed will be needed. We too have to drive everywhere and have a bf 3 month old.
I feed before leaving the house and try to travel at a nap time. If she’s fully awake or sleepy we are usually ok getting home. If she’s likely to get sleepy during g the journey I generally delay getting in the car and try feeding.
Very occasionally she suddenly screams during a Journey, I stop if more than a few minutes from home eg 10 mins. That still feels like forever but I know that a quick feed and cuddle won’t solve the issue at that stage, it can take a full feed and 45 min nap before she can go back in the car calmly. So it’s a weigh up on whether stopping for an hour is possible!

chardonm Thu 16-Aug-18 16:24:12

Thanks all! Did a quick poll of my mum friends and they said they would drive on about 15m if baby hungry.

We are the same as you duck. A stop would mean a 45m stop!

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