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Breastfeeding latch issues

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Lawm Wed 25-Jul-18 13:03:55

I have been breastfeeding my baby for 6 weeks and am having latch problems.
We struggled for weeks at the start and my nipples were pretty damaged, and then was diagnosed with tongue tie and eferred to a specialist. In the time we were waiting to be seen feeding seemed to have improved and nipples finally healed!
We had the tongue tie sorted last week but unfortunately we seem to have gone backwards with our feeding.
I'm not sure if the baby needs to get used to the new tongue or if it's coincidence that it's got worse.
I went to a bf group yesterday and the supporter helped me get latched on and it was fine but now I'm back home I can't seem to make it work. My nipples are pinched or lipstick shaped after freding despite many attempts to re latch. I think I can't get the baby's mouth big enough, or shuts it when they're on.
I've read and watched loads of videos online but I just can't seem to get my head around getting the baby on and enough areola in the mouth. We've tried lots of positions too.
I'm not sure what advice anyone can give me to help, but any encouragement would be great!

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Qcumber Wed 25-Jul-18 19:55:13

Hi OP. Sorry you're having problems. Are you squashing the areola (like when you eat a burger) to get as much into baby's mouth as possible? I kind of squished between index and middle finger, used the bottom side to open baby's mouth and then place as much in as you can. I hope that makes sense!
I'd not have you tried nipple shields? I used them for a few weeks when baby wouldn't latch at all and then one day she latched fine without. Maybe they just need to grow a bit x

Lawm Thu 26-Jul-18 09:15:12

Hi Qcumber, thanks for your response!
I haven't tried that, i will though. I feel like my coordination and timing mighy have something to do with it so will try to take action quicker.
I used shields at the start so might find them and give them a go for a few days to see if they make a difference.
Thanks for your suggestions.

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rubyroot Thu 26-Jul-18 09:18:55


I think I read the tongue tie leaflet from the hospital and it did say the baby may sometimes struggle to latch on- I guess they need to get used to a new way of latching on without the tongue tie?

BetterEatCheese Thu 26-Jul-18 09:51:30

Are your breasts large? I only ask as I'm a JJ and the only position dd would latch in was the rugby ball hold. Saved us! I was going to stop at 5 weeks before I discovered it

Lawm Fri 27-Jul-18 13:43:59

Thanks for the replies! I am glad that I've not gone mad and it is something that can happen after tongue tie correction, so something we'll have to work on.
I have used the football/rugby hold but stopped because I had hurt my back and couldn't get comfortable with it, but will try it again now-not that I have big boobs! But variety helped my nipples heal before so hopefully it'll help again.
Just spoke to a breasfeeding supporter who talked me through a few things and suggested giving it another week or so to improve before seeking help again if needs be.
Finvers crossed!

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rnicholson1990 Sat 28-Jul-18 15:29:41

Hi, we are having the same issues all of a sudden she doesnt seem to be able to latch, isnt opening mouth much ot if she does get on well she then changes position, im starting to get sore and worried about her feeding

MrsA6 Sun 29-Jul-18 20:42:55

Aww, I feel for you. We had really bad problems with latch (no tongue tie though) and like you, it'd work when I had someone talking me through it but once I got home I couldn't get it right again or I'd ache so much from contorting myself into odd positions. I got an infected nipple. I've been using shields exclusively for four months now. They saved BFing for us. They allowed my cracked nipple to heal and it makes it almost painless. Try them - I use these
It's balls about them not emptying your milk enough too (incase anyone tells you that). My DS was born on 50th and has been on 91st since about six weeks so he is definitely getting enough!

Lawm Sat 04-Aug-18 05:10:25

Still not getting better here, some days are terrible others are just not quite right. Now baby is more windy than before and feel like I'm just ruining this child.
I plan to see a bf counsellor next week, and try to keep working on the latch but it's so hard to keep readjusting when they just want to be fed.

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