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Spacing out while feeding - anyone else?

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ProseccoPoppy Sun 22-Apr-18 13:34:44

DC2 is 4 weeks and (now, after a rocky start) EBF. All good except that when he clusterfeeds (which he does a lot at the mo) I seem to completely zone out - I space out and 10 or 15 minutes have just gone. If I am watching films or tv I can’t remember what happened etc. Feel very vague and slightly woozy. Not unpleasant but just kind of odd. I’m tired but not cripplingly so (I’m bf but DH is doing the bulk of everything else), I’m properly hydrated etc and feel really quite good so confident that there’s nothing really wrong. I just wondered if anyone else gets this? Never happened to me with DC1. Is this “normal”?

fannythrobbing Sun 22-Apr-18 14:52:11

No idea if it's normal but it happens to me too so you're not alone! I just assumed that I've fed so much (stopped feeding baby 1 6 months ago and I'm now feeding new born baby 2) that it's become automatic / second nature?

Bobbiepin Tue 24-Apr-18 00:06:43

Yep, do it all the time with DD. Out of paranoia I sit where she's supported even if my arms were to go but it's never happened. Tbh I prefer it, had some pretty bad nursing aversion so it helped me get through it when its been tough.

April45 Tue 24-Apr-18 01:33:28

Sounds like your bodies taking the chance to rest and catch up.. perhaps it's a light sleep too. Get cushions around you but enjoy the rest

Waddlelikeapenguin Tue 24-Apr-18 01:36:32

Lol there are some series that i watched while BF & i cant recall them AT ALL. I think it's like that thing where you drive somewhere totally safely but cant actually remember the journey. smile

sycamore54321 Tue 24-Apr-18 01:39:11

Not to alarm you but do you think there is a risk of falling asleep as part of this zoned out state? Dropping the baby, or having him/her shift into a position where her breathing could be compromised is an enormous risk. I'd be quite worried if I were in that situation. Is it something you can feel coming on, or do you only notice it after it has passed and you've come to? If you can feel it coming on, change something - stand up, open a window, put your feet on something uncomfortable to pinch your toes or drink some water or whatever might make you now zone out.

Spacing out like that is probably worthy of some kind of medical attention.

flubdub Tue 24-Apr-18 02:22:32

Is it kind of like the feeling you get when somebody plays with your hair, or rubs your shoulders? (I am aware how weird that sounds grin)
It happened to me too. I think I read that it's Oxytocin being released.

flubdub Tue 24-Apr-18 02:24:35

Yep. Oxytocin 👍🏼
You don't need medical attention hmm

ProseccoPoppy Tue 24-Apr-18 06:41:34

Thanks all! I really don’t think I am falling asleep (it’s more like autopilot iyswim) but that was one thing that concerned me sycamore. The hormone thing makes a lot of sense flub - thanks! Just kind of glad i’m Not the only one though!

flubdub Tue 24-Apr-18 16:21:37

No you're not the only one. I remember it being mentioned quite a bit when I was breastfeeding (7 years ago) so am surprised nobody else mentioned it here.
I'm glad you brought it up, as I had forgotten about it, and was one of the many perks of BFing.
Just enjoy it smile

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