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8 month old diet ideas

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Elektro Tue 13-Mar-18 08:18:54

Can my 8 month old eat cod/tuna etc to go with vegetables?

Also, when giving chicken etc or even fish, so you serve a sauce with it?

I'm really struggling to identify variety in what I'm giving as I'm not sure what "we eat" is always suitable for baby

Any recipe ideas?

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Elektro Tue 13-Mar-18 08:22:04

Also can I buy cod etc frozen? Or does it need to be fresh

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AlbusPercival Tue 13-Mar-18 08:32:52

I think you might be over thinking this.

What could be wrong with frozen cod?

Babies can eat everything except honey before one. Nuts, grapes, cherry tomatoes etc need to be chopped so not a choking risk.

Limit salt and sugar

Elektro Tue 13-Mar-18 08:34:18

Because everything I do or suggest, I get told I'm doing wrong or questioned "why isn't the baby already eating XYZ"

I feel like everything I do isn't god enough. I'm just asking for help that's all

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AlbusPercival Tue 13-Mar-18 10:29:57

Didn't mean to sound accusing,

Who is saying these things to you.

With my son we literally have him whatever we had. Sometimes he ate it, sometimes he didnt.

Pinwheels are really good for something easy

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Tue 13-Mar-18 21:28:26

Oh Elektro I’m sorry to hear that someone is undermining your confidence.

I’d say frozen cod is fine but it’s orobably better to thaw it and cook it first grin

Can my 8 month old eat cod/tuna etc to go with vegetables?. Yes. Girls are recommended to have oily fish twice a week, boys 3 or 4. Another thing to try is salmon nibbles. Take a salmon fillet and cut it into chicken nugget size pieces. Coat it in beaten egg then dip in breadcrumbs. Bake in the oven for about 15 mins and serve with veg or salad. Fish pie is another good one for babies and children.

Also, when giving chicken etc or even fish, so you serve a sauce with it?. I did with DD but she was really keen to eat what we were having. One of her favourites was a roast dinner. Yiu can get low salt stock cubes or low salt Bisto to make the gravy.

I'm really struggling to identify variety in what I'm giving as I'm not sure what "we eat" is always suitable for baby.. They don’t have to have the same every time. Mine are much older now but we still sometimes give them a pizza and have something they aren’t keen on. When they were younger we used to have a grown up dinner once they were in bed. What sort of things are yiu worried about giving LO?

Agree with Albus on the things to chop. The only thing I’d add is cutting sausage lengthways too smile

childmindingmumof3 Tue 13-Mar-18 21:33:08

My 6 month old had half a jar of baby food, some oven chips and some cucumber sticks for dinner!
Honestly don't stress about it, give the baby what you're having (either as finger food or mashed up/spoon fed) or a jar of something.

Itmakesthereaderreadon Tue 13-Mar-18 21:35:56

With ds I used to do Annabelle karmel recipes. Witv Dd I used to chuck some veg fish or quorn onto her high chair tray and leave her to it. Ds is my fussier child. He used to tagline, ffs. Now he barely eats stuff in tomato sauce.

Itmakesthereaderreadon Tue 13-Mar-18 21:36:33

Sorry, used to eat tagine.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Tue 13-Mar-18 22:02:17

You know Itmakes you’re not the first one I’ve heard that did AK all the way and now has a fussy child.

Pannacott Tue 13-Mar-18 22:03:47

Get the Baby Led Weaning Recipe Book. It's great. Nutritional guidance, easy to read, meal suggestions, it's very reassuring too. Should give you some good responses for whoever is hassling you.

Itmakesthereaderreadon Tue 13-Mar-18 22:08:37

To be fair, he does appear to have massively sensitive tastebuds (can't tolerate juice, fizzy drinks, salt n vinegar crisps), but does make me laugh when I think of the hours I spent batch cooking exciting portions of chickpea laden slop, only to ha b ed a child who lives on the blandest food possible.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Tue 13-Mar-18 22:10:16

Can second the BLW book, your library will probably have a copy.

Also have a look at this free publication from the Caroline Walker Trust.

Elektro Wed 14-Mar-18 06:50:00

Thank you so much for your help everyone. I seemed to be falling into a spiral of baby jars and only baby jars!

I served salmon with sweet potato and broccoli to baby last night. It went down well so i freezes up some more batches!

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Marmite27 Wed 14-Mar-18 06:56:21

We have several kids recipe books (Ella’s kitchen and Annabelle Karmel to mention a few) but from the baby led weaning one we like the cheese and spinach muffins, pesto and ratatouille particularly. DC is now 2 and we still have these items. I’m particularly fond of the muffins.

We use a purée recipe from Ella often too - Butternut squash and sweetcorn. DC love it as a sauce for chicken with rice and carrots and peas.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 14-Mar-18 08:23:15

There is a good Weaning section on MN and some Weaning recipes in the recipe section which you might find helpful too smile

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