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How to cope with stopping-breastfeeding guilt? TTC again

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Flappergirl86 Wed 03-Jan-18 11:14:43

My baby is very nearly 6 months old and I'm wanting to try for another asap. I'd like to carry on breastfeeding but I need my periods back before I can conceive, there's a bit of a rush on as my partner thinks he's getting on a bit to have another kid (he's not IMO) so if we don't get preggo in the next 18 months or so then we'll have to write it off, which I would be devastated by.

So there could be plenty of time to finish BFing more organically if I were to start ovulating again quickly and then conceive quickly as we were lucky enough to last time, but who knows-it could take ages for both.

Compared to a lot of people I've had a fairly easy experience of BFing. We've had to use nipple shields throughout as she couldn't latch without and I've been pumping and using bottles for when we're out and about as my boobs are so huge that the combination of shields popping off and undressing my mammoth baps is a real stress. My production has been good enough that I've been able to donate milk to other mums/babies so I feel really guilty now for giving up such a privelage to satisfy my own desire to have a baby.

If I was having a difficult time breastfeeding I wouldn't feel guilty at all but it's the fact I can do the best by my baby but I'm choosing not to.

Sorry for the mental vomit! Anyone else been in a similar situation?

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123456kent Mon 08-Jan-18 17:38:58

Your baby is nearly 6 months, you have given him/her everything you could and more, most people would have given up a long time ago if shields were needed. Rather than seeing it as a failure for stopping now, celebrate the time you have done it and stop without any guilt. I’m at 3 months and if I make it to 6 I will be surprised, and expecting a medal! And we dont even have any issues.
If I hear of friends bfeeding until 5 months, for example, I think wow what an acheivement, nothing else. Ignore anyone who says different!

BendingSpoons Mon 08-Jan-18 17:41:53

Cutting down breastfeeding often brings back your periods. Mine came back when I started work so went 10 hours on work days. You don't have to stop completely if you don't want to.

Flappergirl86 Tue 09-Jan-18 09:20:26

Thanks guys. We've been doing the odd night time breast feed which is nice and she is doing just fine with formula and solids and some defrosted breast milk I had in storage. The initial self loathing has subsided and its nice to hear someone thinks 6 months is more than good enough! Xxx

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