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Follow on milk Lanzarote

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SausageButtyMonster Sat 24-Feb-07 08:07:46

Planning on going to the Princesa Yaiza in Lanzarote.
Both my DDs are on follow on milk and it has to be ready mixed (cartons) as powder makes them sick.

Will i be able to buy it over there?

lulumama Sat 24-Feb-07 08:16:35

how old are they? can they have cows milk?

herbgarden Sat 24-Feb-07 08:22:27

Went to Yaiza in November (fab place by the way) - Very limited formula in the shops - if they can't have cows I would take your own - a faff I know but we're on Aptamil so definitely took it with me.

lulumama Sat 24-Feb-07 08:25:34

i bought powdered formula for DD last summer in spain, they did not have the brand i used either, but i used the Spanish equivalent and it was fine..if your girls are sensitive, and if powder makes them sick, i would take your own, much better to be safe than sorry

SausageButtyMonster Sat 24-Feb-07 08:36:15

Cant take my own other wise it will be soooo heavy...(it will be about 20 Large cartons)...
DD2 is only 9mths and DD1(22mths) comes up in eczema with cows milk.
They have SMA progess but not bother if another make.

lulumama Sat 24-Feb-07 08:51:28

i don;t think they had SMA and i don;t know about liquid formula....sorry

SausageButtyMonster Sat 24-Feb-07 09:26:38

Doesnt matter if its not SMA....could even use a spainish milk...It just has to be ready made.

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