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6 week old ebf baby - would like to introduce an expressed bottle occasionally- advice please!

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Snoodleberry Thu 05-Jan-17 10:25:33

Hello, I have been ebf my DD1 since birth, but had troubles with tongue tie (snipped when 1 week old) and excessively strong suck so on advice from bf specialist in hospital used medela nipple shields from day 3.

Now that DD1 is six weeks old I am hoping to start gently introducing expressed milk via a bottle once or twice per week so that I can sleep for more than 2.5 hours occasionally, but have not a clue what would be the best bottle/teat combination.

Quite a few friends have said that she should take quite easily to a bottle as I have always used nipple shields, but there are SO many bottles/tears available I don't know where to begin.

Does anyone have some advice that might help?

Thank you in advance!

Beachmum85 Thu 05-Jan-17 11:25:25

Watching with interest! In the same boat OP brew

Coconut0il Thu 05-Jan-17 18:00:59

DS1 started with a couple of bottles a week at about the same age. He went between breast and bottle easily but would never take a bottle from me. We used the avent bottles then.
We didn't try DS2 on a bottle till after 3 months and he wouldn't take any. We tried avent, tommee tippee and a NUK one from boots but no luck.
I'd just get one type to start with and see how she goes. I'd also get someone else to do the first one.

Snoodleberry Sun 08-Jan-17 01:19:50

Thanks for the advice Coconut0il will purchase bottles/teats and experiment!

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