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What do you feed your under 1s?

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BibbidiBobbidi Tue 25-Oct-16 20:08:04

DD is almost 7 months old now and weaning is going well!

She has baby porridge for breakfast after her first bottle and then she'll have lunch at about 12ish.
She'll either have a small sandwich and a yogurt or she'll have some leftovers from our dinner from the night before depending on what we've had.

I'm going to introduce a dinner time as well so I was wondering what you feed yours?

She doesn't have purée or jar foods but isn't strictly baby led either.


Artandco Tue 25-Oct-16 20:38:53

Mine are past that now, but they basically ate whatever we did. Just watch salt and no honey until 1 year. And obviously not junk food.

Breakfast - porridge they liked, also plain Greek yogurt, fruit, eggs.

Lunch - leftover dinner, chunky soups, omelettes, 'salads' ( with things like cheese, Beetroot, avocado, carrot, spinach, tomatoes), fish, random bits from the fridge.

Dinner - anything really. Small bit of what we had.

Have always eaten dinner together, at that age around 8pm. Made sense for us to just give them a nap at 5/6pm, then all eat together and do later bedtime when we went to bed, then they slept 10pm-8am

I have always tried to avoid too much bread or pasta as the bread is quite salty when small, and both not that nutrious when they only eat small amounts so rather than ate small amount of something else

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