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How much formula for 9 month old?

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graysor Sat 20-Aug-16 21:35:59

My nearly 9 mo dd was ebf till 6 months when we introduced solids. She's doing well with blw and is eating 3 good meals a day, including some dairy ( yoghurt, cheese, cows milk in porridge).

We've carried on breastfeeding, but it's becoming harder and harder. I seem to spend the whole time wrestling her to get her to feed. She pulls off, arches her back, rolls away etc.

I'm getting really stressed out about it, and think maybe it's time to stop by and switch to formula. Dd won't take a bottle, but is ok drinking from a cup. But she will only drink about 50ml of formula ( I think that's about 1 oz).

That's not enough is it? How much milk should a nearly 9 mo be drinking?

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