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Overnight Engorgement

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LBOCS2 Thu 14-Jul-16 15:58:40

I have a 12 week old who, for the last 4weeks has been sleeping through - she cluster feeds 8-11pm, goes down in her cot and then wakes at about 7am. Wonderful.

Except, every morning I wake up in a literal puddle of milk and my breasts are like joke balloons stuck to my front, they're so engorged.

She's feeding a lot during the day (at least every 2 hours, if not more frequently when she can!) and I think that she just tanks up at daytime to sleep through at night. Which is quite obviously brilliant, but I think it's making my milk production epic.

Is there anything I can do about the overnight fullness? Or is it the price I'm going to have to pay for a full nights sleep with an EBF newborn? I'd have thought that if it was going to adjust it would have done so by now.

Coconut0il Thu 14-Jul-16 23:11:03

This used to happen to me too, can't remember when it settled down, DS2 is almost 11 months and it doesn't happen now. Towel on your bed and feeding as soon as your DD wakes would be my advice smile

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