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Stopping/cutting down breast feeding?

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Newtoallthissh1t Fri 13-May-16 17:41:37

Hello, I'm new to this site and am sure this has been talked about a million times. But I need a little advice. My DD will be 6 months old in a couple of weeks and I want to slowly cut down all breast feeds except the first feed of the day. Is this even possible and how do I do it?
DD already takes a bottle before bed at 1830 and then sleeps through until
About 4am when she has another bottle. She's up around 7am and then it's boobs all day (or the occasional bottle if I'm out and it's impractical to whip them out). She is pretty good at switching between the two and doesn't really seem to mind what she's fed. She has always preferred boob, but appears to be getting more and more frantic throughout the day when feeding. I'm wondering if my supply is already dropping or not coming out fast enough.
Basically - I just want to know, how many feeds should I be looking at for a normal day at 6 months on formula and is it possible to keep my morning milk supply up and cut out all other feeds?
Thanks is advance.....

Daffodil328 Fri 13-May-16 18:10:39

Hi sorry I have no advice but would also like to know!! My DD is a month younger at 5 months, exclusive bf but I'm wanting to cut down in about a month to prepare for going back to work. I think the advice is as you start solids you can phase out milk feeds but not sure how long this takes!

Newtoallthissh1t Fri 13-May-16 19:07:28

Hmmm, it's a whole new world of issues isn't it! DD is 6 months on the 30th of this month. So as of the 1st June I was going to start introducing some solids. I want to do Baby-led weening. I'm looking forward to feeling a little more 'in the know' as to how much she is getting, but I'm also worried invade I over feed her! I'm used to popping a boob in her mouth when ever she gets fractious or upset. Will have to try and think of other ways to sooth her. I'm just worried that, introducing solids, cutting down breast, increasing formula and no comfort boob might all be a bit too much in one go?

Daffodil328 Fri 13-May-16 19:47:02

Yeah the 6 month birthday feels a bit momentous with all these changes! Does your little one take a dummy? Mine does and I've come to rely on it all the time possibly a bit too much! I read an article which said lose the dummy at 6 months which just seems like too much for us both to handle!!
I want to do baby led weaning too. I think it will be ok, cos in the beginning it seems the babies just play with the food and gradually take more and voluntarily cut down on milk. What I like about the idea of this is that hopefully I won't over or under feed her cos she will take what food she needs and I won't have to shovel it in! Maybe look to switch to more formula when she starts eating more and refusing the breast more?? It's something I'm looking to do as well to prepare for going back to work sad. Hope it works out for you and maybe we can keep each other updated how we are getting on!!

Newtoallthissh1t Fri 13-May-16 20:50:03

Keeping each other posted sounds great! My DD refuses a dummy point blank! I've tried them all! As a newborn she wouldn't even have it in her mouth. She occasionally sucks it now for about 3/4 sucks and then takes it out and throws it down. Very frustrating as everything else she can possibly reach goes straight in her mouth! Including a first today - the cats tail! shock

I'm hoping to keep the first feed of the day for quite a while. I have read that your supply will just adapt and you will continue to produce enough milk then, just none the rest of the day. This seems a little too perfect for me?
If I can do that I was going to have four bottles a day to go along with it?

Daffodil328 Sat 14-May-16 13:27:53

lol not sure the cat will be happy about beng part of the baby's baby led weaning attempts!!! To be honest I'm not sure of amounts for formula for a 6 month old but others here might know, or it might say on the formula itself?
I've heard that breast milk supply can differ from person to person so I'd want to reduce it gradually to make sure it doesn't dry up. I like breastfeeding (after a battle to get there) and hoping to keep up one feed when DD goes to nursery as I think it will help with me missing her and vice versa! I will miss her little full up of milk face :-)
Anyway all the best and hope you get the info you need to get started xx

Newtoallthissh1t Sat 14-May-16 15:25:37

Agreed! I won't be cutting them all out in one go. It will be a slow process. X keep me posted on your progress.

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