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GipsyDanger Mon 02-May-16 16:55:48

I am BF ds 7 weeks old. Everything has been going swimmingly but last night my boob was very tender to the touch on one side. I fed him from that side anyway and it was extremely painful but this morning it was not nearly so bad. I didn't think it could be mastitis as I've been feeling fine (no flu like symptoms) and this just came on in a day. however! Right now I've been freezing all day and feeling a bit achy. (Could be that I've squeezed into jeans rather than comfy yoga pants lol)

What should I do, should I take paracetamol? The pain is still not as bad as last night but getting tender again.

EsmesBees Mon 02-May-16 16:58:59

Sounds like it could be. Have you got any red marks where the pain is? The best thing is to keep the boob as empty as possible through feeding and pumping and massage under a hot shower. If it doesn't clear up quickly go the the GP. It can get very nasty.

GipsyDanger Mon 02-May-16 17:02:21

No redness at all, I've had an oversupply issue and was advised not to pump. Both boobs are rock solid in the morning and lumpy but usually not sore

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