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Day 8 - cluster feeding?

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shipperssss Mon 25-Apr-16 21:58:15

Gave birth to DD 8 days ago (born at 36+6, so prem and a very quick labour) and so far have had a pretty tough ride with feeding, day 5 she had lost 11%, then thankfully gained 4oz in two days! Today she has been on the boob for much longer than usual and has been pretty much permanently attached since 3pm. Is this cluster feeding? I feel like the last day or so my milk has finally 'came in'. Could she now be stimulating me to produce more?

She had had the odd few oz's of formula over the last week as I've ended up at OOH for a check up 🙄

Junosmum Mon 25-Apr-16 22:05:10

Congratulations on the little one.

Sounds exactly like cluster feeding, totally normal and healthy. Just let her do what she needs to do, and if possible get DH to take her once she's finished so you can catch up on sleep, she'll likely be at it till the small hours.

Keep hydrated and have snacks near by (and Netflix if possible!).

Don't be tempted to 'top up' unless you plan to continue to do so as all you'll do is delay the cluster feeding!

Coconut0il Wed 27-Apr-16 03:28:38

Congratulations on your DD. Definitely sounds like cluster feeding. Just go with it. A comfy seat, snacks, drinks, the remote... get settled and feed, feed, feed. Your DD knows what she's doing. During the first weeks with DS2 I didn't leave the settee from about 4pm every evening. It really goes so quickly and I already miss being snuggled up like that with him and watching 3 series of Elementary and he's only 8 months now.

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