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Does anyone have any good resources on combination feeding?

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mommybread Sat 16-Apr-16 17:51:47

I can only find a couple of articles and that's it. Would be nice to have something more!

NickyEds Sun 17-Apr-16 21:54:53

You'll struggle op, or at least I did! The problem is that mix/combination feeding covers such a wide range of experiences, from a couple of oz of f once in a while to topping up after every feed, it's probably too wide a range to cover IYSWIM.

mommybread Wed 06-Jul-16 17:55:41

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ridiculouspirate Thu 07-Jul-16 09:15:02

So you created a fake post to promote your own page? Very reassuring.

Ffs. angry

mommybread Thu 07-Jul-16 19:03:07

Thanks for the cynicism, but no.

Back in April (when the original post was made and our son was a month old) we were going nuts trying to find some comprehensive resources on combination feeding. We were struggling with breastfeeding and dealing with a lot of guilt because of it. Since then (it's now July, he's 4 months old and combination feeding has been working well for us) we've really found our feet with it and wanted to make something that we would have found useful when we were first looking, because we know how much it sucks when you don't have much time and need to piece multiple csources of information together.

The guides are free because we remember struggling and wanted to make a really stressful period a bit easier for anyone else who might also be struggling. There are no ads on the page, just a couple of free documents. If people like them then we might make something more of it (if we have the time!), if people don't, we wont. Either way there's some free information that we hope is genuinely useful to people - that you can download and that we get nothing from.

We considered making a separate post but then decided that it made more sense just to post it here as a follow up to what we'd said back in April. We thought it was kind of cool because it felt a bit like coming full circle. We've gone from being out of our minds looking for information to being the ones to provide it. We thought that was cool. Perhaps not.

The information is free. We gain absolutely nothing from you downloading it. You have the option of giving us feedback, which MAY help us sometime in the future. But you also have the option of just downloading the guide and leaving it at that. You are getting something for nothing, and we're totally cool with that because we remember being in that situation and we remember how much it sucked.

AyeAmarok Thu 07-Jul-16 19:15:27

Thanks OP. Good idea and kind of you to share.

ridiculouspirate Thu 07-Jul-16 20:00:03

Apologies I didn't see the date.

Your second post was very much like an advert which is why it made me think you were just another spam poster! blush

ridiculouspirate Thu 07-Jul-16 20:01:23

Is there a particular reason that you are making people sign up to receive your documents?

knaffedoff Thu 07-Jul-16 20:46:18

Ok my biggest concern is that whilst you give lots of examples why combination feeding works and the benefits, you have given no disadvantages! I see very little information of the pitfalls and what mums need to do to maintain combination feeding long term, without this information clearly spelt out mums may have no option than to formula feed as her supply dwindles. I believe much of the guilt felt by mums formula feeding comes from lack of choice, they clearly wanted to exclusively or at least partially breastfeed but they need all the information, clearly and relevantly made available.

ridiculouspirate Thu 07-Jul-16 21:10:30

I couldn't think how to say that workout being rude knaffed I also don't think talking about guilt all the time helps ff or bf parents tbh. (The op not you)

ridiculouspirate Thu 07-Jul-16 21:11:13


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