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What to stock in the kitchen when making up dinners for a baby?

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twocultures Fri 04-Mar-16 14:56:17

So this is my personal questions to all the experienced mums out there. I hope this thread helps more busy mums too!
I am generally always busy and on the go and I rarely have time to plan my baby's lunches and snacks.
My LO is currently 10 months old and has formula in the morning and before bed. He generally eats whatever we eat for dinner but it's wholesome lunches that are my struggle.
I don't like buying the pouches as I'd really rather make something myself I think it's a lot better for LO as I know where I buy my ingredients from.
So what foods/cans etc can I stock to make up a quick, wholesome meal when I've not been shopping yet/ I'm running short on time/ or had no time to plan a thought out meal?

I'm thinking pasta, veg in the freezer, ravioli..etc
I'm not very creative confused can anyone share their methods/thoughts?

Littleoakhorn Fri 04-Mar-16 18:32:09

Quick meals I do for dd are:
Cheese, tomato and basil omelette,
Fishcakes (microwave then mash a potato, mix with tinned tuna and chopped spring onion, make into fishcake shape, dust with flour, fry) served with peas.
Spag bol (cook a big batch of bolognase, blend a bit as needed, freeze in portions using a muffin tray)

Soup goes down well now that she's older, but it might have been a bit difficult to coordinate at 10 months.

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