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Mastitis and tongue tie

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Mawsymoo Tue 02-Feb-16 08:05:32

Baby is 4 weeks old and EBF. He was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie early on - the first 2 weeks were tough but since then his latch has improved and we decided to leave it unsnipped since the general consensus was that it was minor and unlikely to cause any other issues.

Yesterday he had a random bad latch (I mustn't have been paying attention ) and i had a very sore boob afterwards. I've now been up all night with flu-like symptoms, high temperature and chills so I'm assuming it's mastitis. I've continued to feed from the affected side (ouch) and it feels slightly better but I'm still feeling dreadful in myself. I'm not sure how I'm going to look after him all day - and DS1 when he comes home from nursery. Is this a "get thee to the gp" situation or should I wait and see? Also could the tongue-tie start causing problems as he gets bigger as I was given the impression that if I could get through the first few weeks I'd be fine.

Clarella Tue 02-Feb-16 08:19:29

Regarding the mastitis - kellymom had some excellent advice and in the end I didn't take the antibiotics. Bit I think I had a blocked duct though had flu like symptoms. I'm retrospect this was silly so please, get thee to a dr now! Take the meds, it's awful and you don't want to be in hospital with abscesses.

Regarding tt- we had ptt. Now actually, he was 'OK' till about 5 weeks then it all went to pot. He seemed to latch well when tiny but as he grew and my let down got stronger he struggled. It was really tough.

I was told that at worst a snip would make no difference at best a huge difference.

I'd call a bf help line to chat about this and try to see a local advisor, preferably lll if possible, or lactation consultant as there are so many variables and having feeds observed can really help (if they're a true expert).

My local lll has an amazing face book support group where you can post questions and go along to meetings. It's been invaluable to me to be honest and how we found out about ptt.

All the best, you're doing great! And get the medication now!!

GoldPlatedBacon Tue 02-Feb-16 08:22:29

Go to gp!

Once antibiotics kicked in I was pretty much fine the following day

Mawsymoo Tue 02-Feb-16 08:55:06

Thanks all. I'm raging I didn't get the to snipped when i was with the specialist now - I had no idea things could get worse.

I'll get to the gp today

Clarella Tue 02-Feb-16 08:56:07

Sorry op this might help

JustWantMyMoneyBack Tue 02-Feb-16 08:56:19

My baby had posterior tongue tie, and we had the snip at 4.5 weeks. It didn't make a huge difference at the time, but who knows. She seemed to get her latch organised on her own by 10 weeks. Ironically, I ended up with mastitis after all the hell of expressing and feeding by bottle for a few months was finished! Those newborn months were awesome. /sarcasm

I chose to treat it naturally with garlic (blurgh) and lots of hot/cold compresses and painful massaging. It went after about 36 hours, so I was pleased. I didn't want to risk thrush by taking antibiotics, which is what I ended up getting with my older dd. The gp was useless at treating the thrush and I had to buy medication from the US. Ridiculous hassle.

Clarella Tue 02-Feb-16 08:56:44

Dangle feed as much as possible

(Sorry 3 year old to deal with)

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