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Breastfeeding newbie

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Laurenem Tue 26-Jan-16 01:45:49

Hi all,

I'm having some worries about breastfeeding and am just looking for some advice and reassurance.
So I had my little girl 3 days ago now, and she just doesn't seem to settle for long after being breastfed! She has a good latch so she is definitely on properly, I was just wondering if this was normal for her to be this unsettled? I'm really starting to doubt myself and am getting worried I'm not giving her enough to eat.

BettyBi0 Tue 26-Jan-16 02:09:31

Those first few weeks are really really tough and it's absolutely normal for the baby to be crying lots and everything to feel very bitty. The baby's whole digestive system is going through big changes with all the gut flora establishing. My only advice would be to have loads of skin to skin time, keep an eye on the number of wet nappies per day and feed as often as the baby seems to need it. They are actually taking such tiny amounts of colostrum in that first week that it's impossible to be over feeding them

Nowthereistwo Tue 26-Jan-16 02:11:26

Congratulations on your new daughter.

In the first few days they are getting the first milk which is full of antibodies etc until your milk comes in properly.

During this time your dd's stomach is only the size of a marble and breast milk is quickly digested. She is also feeding more to bring your milk in.

I know it feels constant but it's all about being prepared. Make sure you're ready to feed ie have a bottle if water on sofa, tv control, phone, book etc. so that feeding can be relaxing.

They often fall asleep on boob so you could try tickling feet if you don't think they've had enough or if they have just sit and enjoy the sleeping cuddles.

When she's a bit older looking into baby massage for trapped wind but it's too early for that to disrupt her.

Good luck and enjoy your little girl.

Spudlet Tue 26-Jan-16 08:46:42

My ds is 4 weeks old so I'm no expert but at about your dds age, we had a couple of hellish nights - feeding for hours, wailing (baby, me and dh though fortunately not all at the same time...) - it was my milk coming in. The midwife came over and gone us all in a heap in bed! Once we got through those nights things improved dramatically, however.

So hang on in there, once your milk comes in hopefully things will settle down for you too!

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