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Please help - do I need to stop feeding?

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splendide Wed 16-Dec-15 11:04:36

I have a 14 month baby who I still feed once or twice a day (depends what we're up to) or loads more when he's ill.

However, recently he's biting me terribly. He latches on and then he'll suddenly clamp down and pull back so my nipple gets scraped between his teeth, it's excruciating.

I've tried saying no and stopping the feed but he's so upset! And now he bites and then shakes his head and starts crying - presumably because he knows I'm going to stop him feeding. It's like he can't stop himself.

I wonder if it might be kinder to just stop - he's ending up quite upset and I end up with sore nipples - but I really don't want to. Do I just tough it out?

ArcticCactus Wed 16-Dec-15 11:22:45

My ten week old does this! I jam a blanket behind his head so he can't pull back.

sleepyhead Wed 16-Dec-15 11:26:08

Mine were younger when they did this, but I used to gently push their head into the breast which made them unlatch. If you're consistent then they soon get the message that it's not worth the bother.

Could he be teething? The other question is could you be pregnant shock? As this sometimes makes your milk supply drop suddenly, or possibly taste different who knows? Actually, saying that have you started your periods again (I got a full 12 months break with ds1 - ds2 not so lucky) as that can have the same effect?

blamethecat Wed 16-Dec-15 11:28:27

Mine went through a phase of that, possibly teething related ? I did what you are already doing and stopped feeding as soon as he bite and explained that biting hurt and not to do it, he did stop and we are still going now.

splendide Wed 16-Dec-15 12:17:59

He is teething - has a molar coming through so it might be that. Pretty sure I'm not pregnant but I do have (weird and irregular) periods now.

I'm glad this seems to be something other people got through. I'll keep gently removing him, cuddling him then trying again! I read somewhere they bite because they're finished but he doesn't really have a finished, he likes to pop on and off between looking at his books on the sofa till his dad comes and takes him for his bath. It's my favourite bit of the day and I work full time so that bit of intimacy is really important. Sorry rambling now!

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