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Breast feeding past 6 months

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Racheyg Tue 03-Nov-15 14:21:14

I have decided that I want to continue breastfeeding past 6 months. After a difficult start and two lots of thrush, I'm enjoying it now. (Plus I'm saving a tenner a week on formula smile )

I posted a while back about weaning while breastfeeding and I'm going to continue on demand (he feeds every 1 1/2 - 2hrs but could go longer if not with me/out and about) (and every 3-4 hrs a night)

my question is if I want the odd night out and don't take my pump would my supply be effected or is it pretty established?

Wotsitsareafterme Tue 03-Nov-15 14:23:08

How old is the baby? How established are the solids?

Mrscog Tue 03-Nov-15 14:23:19

It should be pretty robust by now, enjoy your night out!

Drladybird Tue 03-Nov-15 15:06:11

I agree with Mrscog, it should be well established by 6 months and a night out wouldn't make much difference.

Racheyg Tue 03-Nov-15 15:06:52

wot Im just planning ahead as have a few gigs coming up in december. He is 23 weeks, so we havent started weaning yet.

mrs thanks smile

ohlittlepea Tue 03-Nov-15 15:08:35

Should be fine, although you may want to take a hand pump if you get uncomfortable? Best wishes with your feeding journey smile

Racheyg Wed 04-Nov-15 07:38:59

Thanks pea grin

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