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I'm a week in - and have a couple of questions.

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Nottalotta Fri 31-Jul-15 11:33:53

I posted a few days ago about hoping to EBF my first baby.a week ago today he was born (he was due tomorrow, a fact i find very strange now he's here!)

He had obviously read the breastfeeding manual and has been doing amazingly well. He fed within an hour of birth and has carried on.

He is feeding a LOT but its very unpredictable. Twobdays ago he spent almost all day on the boob but slept very well just waking every 2 - 3 hours for feeds. Last night the longest time between feeds was 30 minutes. From 9pm - 9am. I am shattered.

So, just wondering if a pattern will emerge. Should i try to encourage one or am i doing the right thing by offering a feed when he wakes and whenever he starts mouthing.

Second - sore nipple. Just the one! Am putting lansinoh on regularly other nipple is find so assuming latch is ok (it looks it) Any ideas on why i would have one sore nipple?

Thanks. :-)

Oh another one........we went to hospital yesterday, ibfed before we left but halfway there he wanted feeding again. I decided to wait til we got there but he was asleep by the. So didn't feed til we got home )may become reason foreseeing all night?) what do you do in situations like that. Stop and feed or carry on?

Tiptoeshoes Fri 31-Jul-15 21:47:47

Well done so far, sounds like you've had a good start.

I have a five week old and an almost 3 year old who I also breastfed

My experience is just go with it, they know what the want. Feed on demand whenever they squeak in the first few weeks. Your little one is still building your supply. Feeding regularly (yes even every half hour) over night is very normal.

If you go out and they don't feed till the get back because they don't ask fine. I would however not let them go longer than three hours at this point in the day.

For your nipple if the latch is good it might just be getting used to feeding a lot. My dd latch is good but my nipples were v sore for first two weeks. Now they are totally fine and have been for weeks. I just put lansinoh on every feed and aired them a bit!!

Good luck and keep going smile it gets easier and easier

chumbler Sat 01-Aug-15 08:39:03

just feed on demand smile

you could get your latch checked in case, as we feed differently on different sides due to naturally being left/right handed, also baby might have a preference - mine held her head to one side due to how she was born! so get latch checked - you've got nothing to lose! make sure latch is exaggerated. also you could use a nipple shield for 24hr to let it heal?

as pp said, don't go 3+ hours at this stage, but otherwise just leave baby sleep

good luck!

Nottalotta Sat 01-Aug-15 12:01:19

Thank you. The nipple doesn't look sore, just feels it. I think its a bit better today - i spent yesterday poking a bit more into his mouth and that seems to have helped.

I'm keen to get out to a bf group once i'm fit to drive again.

FurryGiraffe Sat 01-Aug-15 13:40:44

I had soreness on one side- I presume because the position wasn't quite as good that side. I found that it was much less sore with the rugby hold- might be worth experimenting with positions if you haven't already. It got better of its own accord, though whether that's because the nipple toughened up or we changed the latch a bit I have no idea!

JRWREN2110 Sun 02-Aug-15 09:52:53

Like everyone has said feed on demand, growth spurts occur a lot in the first few weeks, just find a good boxset/s and sit and relax, surround yourself with drinks and snacks. My DD is four and half weeks, it felt as if the first few weeks were a constant growth spurt and she was just ON ME, but it is so worth it. My left nipple cracked due to poor latch and the right one has always been her favourite, so go get the latch checked by a lactation specialist, they are amazing!! WELL DONE, you are doing well, sounds like you are a natural!

JRWREN2110 Sun 02-Aug-15 09:55:21

I stop and feed when she starts crying for food in the car (always try and leave with double the time you need to get somewhere)!!

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