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Help please first baby is it colic, silent reflux or allergy?

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Purplemunchkin76 Sun 12-Jul-15 23:31:23

Help needed please with my first baby who is now 9 weeks old (around 14lb) He has always had tummy pain when lying down which is worse in the morning around 6am he brings his knees up and makes groaning noises when asleep then wakes up crying loudly in pain. I then used to get him to sleep upright on my shoulder.

More recently we have been having more trouble with his tummy pain he has started to vomit a couple of times a day at least 2oz and mostly in the evenings is screaming quite loud in pain. He is bottle fed ( was combination feeding up until last week)

He has the following symptoms.

Usually drinks fast 5 to 10 mins to finish 5 oz
Has started to vomit not just spit up a little
Has loud cough throughout day
Gets in a state when feeding of an evening and can sometimes choke and gulp air from bottle.
Is usually always sick when lying down sometimes over an hour after a feed.
Has pain when lying down over a long period such ad over night
Bubbles from mouth throughout day
Scratches face and eyes ( could be his baby eczema )
Sometimes sick small amounts of watery with bits of solid milk up to 2 hours after feed.
Has had explosive poos, now hasn't pood for over a day. (Could be change to more bottles from Brest milk)
Difficult to burp but sometimes does really loud burp with sick.
Goes stiff and throws head back when feeding of an evening but not always.
Sometimes wakes from sleeping by screaming
Is happy one minute then seems to escalate to loud crying very quickly when hungry. Within minutes.

We notice he likes feeding 9 times a day is this also normal but still has his 30oz which it says is right for his weight.

Sorry list is so long!

I went to go last week who said he thought it was colic wind he gave me detinox as we had been using infacol already. The detinox on the 3rd day caused the worst evening he has ever had. He was screaming in pain for over 2 hours .

Now I wonder if I should try the aptimil comfort milk or reflux or try and get baby graviscon from gp.

The health visitor is happy with his weight and just wants me to keep him on normal aptamil and try help with wind I just wish I knew what the problem is!

Any ideas?

cerealqueen Sun 12-Jul-15 23:42:01

Not an expert but reflux? ...somebody more expert will be along to help more.

I'd go to the GP who can prescribe something.

Or something might be out of alignment...Cranial osteopathy might be an alternative?

cerealqueen Sun 12-Jul-15 23:43:30

Sorry, missed seen GP comment.

Go back if its not working, and insist on further investigation.

Teabird Thu 16-Jul-15 08:11:24

my dd2 is exactly like this but without the vomiting. she has all the other symptoms. I took her to my gp at 6 weeks where he intially diagnosed colic and prescribed colief which worked for a short amount of time. but then she began screaming at every feed and only having 1-2 ozs. I went back again and he said it was silent reflux. He has prescribed gaviscon and sma staydown milk. the gaviscon really seems to be making a difference so we are sticking with that for the moment. Go back to your gp and insist on the gaviscon and a prescription milk. Mine has said that if this doesn't work in the long term then he will refer us to a paediatric dr. Good luck

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