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Ready made vs powdered milk??

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Halleberry Thu 11-Jun-15 10:13:28

Ok this is my 3rd thread but I'm just at my wits end. Baby girl 4 weeks old today and diagnosed with severe silent reflux. She does have the symptoms but she also has colic synptoms and milk intolerance synptoms and we have tried everything. I mean everything. She is still so u happy all the time unless being held and even then she can cry in pain. So we have been given milk for an allergy to try for 1 week and see how we get on. But today after 24 hours in this milk she doesn't seen any better and its a shame cause it tastes and smells foul. after really thinking about when this all started, I have to be honest and say when we switched from ready made Formula to powder, that's when this all began. I have looked into this and although they offer the same nutritional values they ARE infact different. In colour and texture and easier to digest. My gut
Is telling me that's the problem here and to go back to the ready made (pricey but worth a happy baby). Any other mums any expereince with this? I'm always being told they are just the same but it's just not true. I'm torn what to do here. All this constant crying an having to hold her is actually making ME depressed and not enjoy being a mum (something I feel awful about) sad

SunshinePickle Thu 11-Jun-15 10:32:54

Is the allergy formula a hydrolysed formula? You really need to give them a couple of weeks to see if they work or not, to give the tummy and gut lining time to calm down and be less sore. I know it's frustrating (and that the formula smells horrid), but it's really worth persisting with to see if it makes a difference.

Kim82 Thu 11-Jun-15 10:35:47

My 10.5 month old has a milk allergy and severe reflux. What milk has your dd been given and also what medication is she on? It can take up to a week for the milk to leave her system so do persevere with the prescription milk.

My dd was given nutramigen 1 initially but although she settled after a couple of days the screaming stated back up around 10 days later as she was still reacting to the small amount of milk protein in it so they switched her to nutramigen puramino which is amino acid based and has no milk protein in it at all so that's an option for your dd if she doesn't improve.

With regards to the reflux, my dd tried gaviscon (which did nothing) then ranitidine which again worked for a week or two then stopped, and is now on the maximum dose of omeprazole (20mg per day) and although she still suffers a little at night she is so much better and doesn't cry at all through the day due to her reflux.

It is absolutely awful though so you do have my sympathies. Hopefully as your dd has been diagnosed while she's still tiny you will be able to get her sorted quickly - we had an awful time being believed and had trips to a&e and she was even admitted to hospital once as her reflux was so bad, bless her.

I hope you get her sorted but if I can help any more then let me know.

Halleberry Thu 11-Jun-15 10:41:44

She started on SMA gold ready made and was fine, then we switched to powder when she was about 10 days old. Then she was so unsettled it was frightening. Then we were told to try aptimal. Neber worked so we were told to go back (all this under Gp advice btw)then we got ranitidine and gaviscon which never worked and now we are on day two of the allergy prescribed milk Incase that's what's been bothering her. But it's almost constant sad I love her dearly but so hard to enjoy when she is constantly crying xx they said severe silent reflux (she js never sick) only very few times has she brought anything back up. It's just so frustrating x

Kim82 Thu 11-Jun-15 10:49:21

My dd was never sick either, it was just the stomach acid burning her poor little throat. Is your dd not on any medication at all for the reflux then? A lot of the time the reflux can be a symptom of the milk allergy and sometimes goes away when on the correct milk but, alas, not in my dd's case.

Your dd may have only started showing symptoms 10 days or so after starting formula as it takes a while for the milk protein to build up in their system. That may explain why she was fine at first.

I would give the milk a week or so to see if there is any improvement, if her reflux is so severe could you ask for omeprazole for her? That is the only thing that worked for my dd and the dose has had to be reviewed as she has grown. It did take around 5 days or so to kick in though. It took a while to get her happy again as her gut and her throat needed time to heal and there were a few set backs when we thought certain milks/meds were working then she went back to the screaming.

Could you ask for a paediatrician referral too as they are more experienced in dealing with these problems, ours has been amazing!

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