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Stopped breastfeeding and sore - but not engorged?? - boobs

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Popskipiekin Fri 05-Jun-15 09:37:50

Hello, new to this posting malarkey... Have a question I hope others may be able to shed light on. I've been gradually stopping breastfeeding ebf DS (now 8mths) over past 2 months, and was feeling rather pleased (ha! blush) that we were accomplishing it relatively easily. I was expecting some engorgement and pain and got both, particularly after dropping the last feed two weeks ago, but I've had lingering pain, without engorgement, on my left side only for the past week or so. Boobs are not full and I can't feel any lumps - but left side is very painful and tender, esp to the touch, just like it would feel if engorged. Anyone experienced this? Normal? Odd? Any advice? Thank you!

ohthegoats Fri 05-Jun-15 18:20:54

Same here, except I have a lump in the left one - a lump that was always there when I was engorged prior to a feed. I don't know the answer though. A friend I spoke to the other day who stopped feeding when her daughter was a year old, said it took a month for her boobs to feel alright - and then it only really happened because she got pregnant again.

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