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Expressing breast milk

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Racheyg Thu 04-Jun-15 17:07:13

I am struggling breast feeding with the left breast - ds2 may only go on there once a day and not for long.

I have started to express the left to continue keeping my supply but can only manage 3oz in a day.

Shall I invest/rent a hospital grade pump? Or will the supply get better?
I am using the medlea manual pump and ds is 7 days old x

Liosalfar Fri 05-Jun-15 22:22:21


Hopefully someone who knows more about breastfeeding will post.

From a pure expressing point, hospital grade pumps are a lot more effective at removing milk from the breast., they also tend to be a bit quicker. Supply does usually build up from early on if you are regularly expressing. Also generally the more you express the more your supply builds. One thing to consider if you were to rent a pump is to make sure it is one that is good at expressing from only one breast ( as most people would generally be using a hospital grade to pump from both breasts). Most would be fine but it would maybe be worth chatting to whichever company you hire from to ask advice as to which is best. I guess the other thing is whether this is likely to be something you would be doing long term - if not sticking with your current pump might be fine.

As I say I was unable to breastfeed so only know about expressing - hopefully someone else with more experience can help you with advice on breastfeeding and pumping whilst breastfeeding.

FusionChefGeoff Fri 05-Jun-15 22:28:11

One thing that might help is to encourage your let-down when pumping - if you can hold your baby or look at photos etc and imagine you are feeding. Might sound daft but it made a big difference to how much I could express.

CrispyCrochet Sat 06-Jun-15 06:56:55

Hi Rachel! Congrats on your new baby! Have you seen anyone to try and get the latch better on the left side? The LLL are a wonderful, volunteer run group.

As far as pumping goes it is not a true indication of supply. As your baby is so young it is totally normal for you to only be able to express a small amount.

If you hope to get the latch sorted and be able to feed directly from the breast I don't think you should bother with an expensive electric pump, your manual one should keep you from getting engorged and help encourage supply.

Racheyg Sun 07-Jun-15 13:15:09

Thanks all for your helpful replies.

I had the same problem with ds1 and I'm wondering if it's my boobs, are they too heavy? I must admit the aren't that perky so maybe he struggles with the size (I'm a 36e pre pregnancy) also silly question is nipple size a problem? As my left nipple is quite large? Xx

TriciaMcM Sun 07-Jun-15 15:01:07

Sometimes preference for one side can be baby & not mother/milk. DD had a bit of torticullus & preferred feeding from one side as it was easier for her to turn her head that way. It was the same with my SIL though we didn't realise as weren't swapping notes. Maybe worth keeping in mind as your DS gets bigger so you can keep an eye out. Also apparent if they prefer sleeping on one side. Probably not it but passing it on as Physio was saying she wished new mothers were given tips on a few common things to watch out for that she sees all the time.

With pumping, I can always pump more from one side than the other though DS doesn't mind which side he feeds from. No idea why though!

Congrats & enjoy the mayhem of the first 4 weeks flowers

PenguinPoser Sun 07-Jun-15 15:09:50

It took me weeks to be able to get dd to feed well from my left side. It happened - keep offering that side. Can't really advise about expressing but it will likely keep supply up. definitely second the idea of speaking to LLL they have been really helpful for me. flowers

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