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Is breastfeeding really making me this hungry even after 8 months?!

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Flingmoo Fri 13-Feb-15 10:11:29

Obviously with breastfeeding you never know exactly how much they're getting but my 8 month old is down to about 4 feeds a day and none of them last longer than about 5 minutes. My boobs don't feel 'full' these days either. So I'm under the impression he's not taking that much...

However, I'm hungrier than ever, moreso than when he was EBF, now he's on three big meals a day plus snacks so surely can't be taking that many calories from me?!

Just now I had 2 and a half slices of toast, a cup of tea and a yoghurt and I am still feeling peckish. I can't think of a moment in the day where I don't feel hungry. I still feel like snacking after all my meals.

I'm a size 8-10 so not massive, I lost the pregnancy weight within about 2 weeks of his birth but now I'm slowly starting to put it back on again! Can I still blame breastfeeding for making me this hungry or is that just an excuse for bad eating habits?

coniferssilhouette Fri 13-Feb-15 18:21:24

As my son gets older I get hungrier! He's 13 months now and I am always starving, he's a big baby and feeds quite a lot and for quite a while but I don't know if it is his feeding that is making me hungry or whether I'm just greedy!

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