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New to breast feeding - few Qs

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StrangeGlue Fri 02-Jan-15 13:14:00

Ds is 2 days old so we're only just starting our feeding journey. I've had v bruised purple nipples which seem to be improving today (though it still hurts!!). Anyway, can you tell me:

- yesterday he was latching and unlatching loads and when he did my nipple looked really pointy like a lippy. Today it's less angled - does that mean the latch is improving?

Since 9am he's had 2 feeds: 9-10.30 and 12.00-ongoing. This is normal right? Ppl say 8-15 feeds lasting 20-45 mins but I'm assuming what he's doing is ok?

He's either feeding or sleeping. This is normal too right?

When people say your milk comes in on day 3 do they count birth day as day 1 or is that day 0?


YokoUhOh Fri 02-Jan-15 13:23:42

Congrats OP! This website will be really helpful on your feeding journey:

Feeds can last any amount of time; my DS (now 26 months) was always on the boob. Milk usually comes in on day 4 I think; you'll know because your breasts will go massive/hard and you'll feel tearful (don't worry, it passes).

Feeding/sleeping is all tiny babies do. Google '4th trimester'.

Good luck! My DS is still breastfeeding and is a big, burly toddler - it's hard work but worth the early pain/effort!

Sid77 Fri 02-Jan-15 13:35:14

Congratulations on your new baby!! Are you in the UK? You should be having regular midwife visits for the next week or so to check that all is going well - make sure you ask them lots of questions and get them to check your latch and watch you feed if you're at all unsure. Ask them anything, don't be shy. Where I am, a few of the midwives were trained bf counsellors and we're really helpful to me, so perhaps ask yours for similar. They're there to help and generally want to as much as they can. Good luck!

cosmicglittergirl Fri 02-Jan-15 13:39:08

Less angled sounds better.

Seconding kellymom, really useful.

My nipples were agony for two weeks (bad latch), then suddenly got much better. Get some Lanolin if you haven't already and slather it on. Works brilliantly.

My baby was never off my boobs for the first few weeks-v normal.

Good luck and congratulations.

cosmicglittergirl Fri 02-Jan-15 13:40:18

Or see if there's a breastfeeding clinic nearby, really helpful for answering questions. Think I went every week for the first four weeks!

notasleep Fri 02-Jan-15 14:07:27


Yes if your nipples are looking less compressed after feeds that's better, your baby should have a big mouthful of boob so the nipple should be far back in his mouth and not getting squashed while he feeds...
Make sure he opens his mouth really wide before he latches on.

Are the MWs still visiting you? Def get them to check your latch..resolving any pain as early as possible makes things a lot easier long term.

Also local surestart/children's centres often have postnatal groups with bf

notasleep Fri 02-Jan-15 14:07:42


StrangeGlue Fri 02-Jan-15 16:57:41

Thank you these responses have made me feel so much better! By chance the breast feeding clinic rang and my midwife came so have have some reassurance there too.

Will look up the websites - thank you!

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