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Reflux ?

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lilysmummy82 Mon 08-Dec-14 18:42:29

This is my first post on one of these sites... Our second baby is nearly two weeks old and for the past week he has been really quite sick after some of his feeds. We have switched his formula from cow and gate to hipp which seems to have helped a bit but he is still being sick quite badly at least once a day.
Also I'm worried he's overloading his stomach, he demands a feed less than every two hours, he weighed 8 in 3 oz at birth so I think he should be able to go longer between feeds but if he wants a bottle he will scream until he gets one ! He sometimes sleeps in the cocoonababy for a little between feeds at night but during the day he won't sleep unless on our chests and cries and screams if we try to put him down, this is quite tricky as we also have a two year old to contend with !
Any suggestions / advice would be very gratefully received - my husband goes back to work in two days and I'm worried about how I'm going to cope on my own ! Also feel Hv / mw don't take me seriously, just say he's a baby and babies are sick and don't sleep !!

spekulatius Mon 08-Dec-14 21:38:41

If you think he's bringing up stuff, even if he's not always actually sick you could ask the GP to try infant Gaviscon. They usually ask the mother what they think is wrong anyway.

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