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weirdest place you have ever expressed....

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squirmyworm Fri 16-Apr-04 20:06:27

Euston station toilets - 7am. Broke my heart that I had to chuck a whole 4oz away as I wasn't able to sterilise/keep the milk. Strange feeling standing there pumping about you lot?

Tissy Fri 16-Apr-04 20:20:53

loos at Glasgow airport also at 7am and had to chuck it

fisil Fri 16-Apr-04 20:24:23

M25, anticlockwise between M23 and M2. Kept it and used it.

philippat Fri 16-Apr-04 20:40:21

toilets at disneyland paris with the rest of the hen party waiting outside for me...

goosey Fri 16-Apr-04 20:44:33

A the back of a coach into an empty ribena carton on the way back from ladies day at Ascot. Ripped a seam in my frock hoisting my boobs out too.

JanZ Sat 17-Apr-04 11:10:25

On a ski slope! But perhpas the most brazen was when the weather was too bad, so I had to do it IN a crowded mountain restaurant! But I still managed to do it relatively discretely, with the ski jacket sort of shielding me!

I've also done it in the loos at Glasgow airport, the BA Exec lounge loos at Heathrow, the loos on the Glasgow-Edinburgh train and the Heathrow Express, the Globe restaurant loos.... The joys of going back to work while still fully breast feeding!

Always kept it though!

squirmyworm Sat 17-Apr-04 18:39:52

janz - what a hilarious picture you conjour up!
yes - as if work wasn't challenging enough hm?
I sat in a meeting last week and I swear my breasts were advancing across the table....

JanZ Sun 18-Apr-04 15:48:59

Remembered some other places... on an army barracks - had to go and ask for ice at the Officers Mess as we were there for 2 days in August (my comany decided to run an Sales Conference/team building event as a two day army exercise!). That was fun, explaining why I needed the ice! I then had to express in an open dormitory - although at least they had split the blokes and gals!

I've also expressed en route on an Autoroute coming up from the Alps - back from aforememetioned skiing holiday (dh was driving!). Having filled the chalet freezer with sachets of frozen EBM, we were then taking them back home in the middle of the Foot & Mouth crisis. I was just waiting for someone to tell me at Dover that I couldn't import dairy products - and to retort that I could vouch for every ounce.... But of course we weren't stopped!

The stores from those 8 days away helped me last until 12 months (especially as my expressing supply seemed to dwindle in the last few months)- although it had been hard work building up the supplies before I went!

Dh took some photos of me expressing on the slopes, for me to give to the midwives who ran my support group as evidence that you CAN do it anywhere!.

Dannie Sun 18-Apr-04 21:48:00

The ladies' loo at the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

emmatmg Sun 18-Apr-04 22:11:20

Not me personally but our old neighbour used to do on the bus on the way to and from work.

susanmt Mon 19-Apr-04 05:34:51

On a bus at various places throughout Germany and Austria! I went on a holiday with my Gran when dd1 was 5 months old (planned long before I got pg) and so was away for 8 days. I had been expressing like mad for work adn to build up a supply for me being away (went away and left 2 gallons!! of milk in the freezer!!), so I had a superabundant supply. Had to express several times a day while I was away and chuck it all The other ladies on the bus (it was mainly ladies) were all really nice, they were all old dears who looked after me really well.
I know it was a weird thing to do with a newborn but now that my Gran is starting to develop dementia, I look back on it as a fabulous time with her, I'm so glad I went, even if it was a bit weird!

JanZ Mon 19-Apr-04 09:34:42

That's a lovely story Susanmt How nice to have those special memories of the time with your gran.

Caribbeanqueen Tue 20-Apr-04 11:35:03

I expressed at 35,000 feet on Vigin Atlantic, then had to put the bottle up my jumper to get past everyone to the loo to throw it away. What a thing to share in my first ever Mumsnet message!

ZolaPola Fri 23-Apr-04 17:27:17

on a cold ferry out of Helsinki, as well as various disabled loos & on the back seat going up the M40!

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