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I think I've just fed my baby for the last time.

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PickleMobile Mon 24-Nov-14 21:25:52

Dd is 20 months old and has been breastfed since the beginning.

I work 2 1/2 a week and she is only fed morning and nighttime those days. On my days off, if she asks for milk I have been feeding her.

She is currently full of cold and has had trouble feeding for the past few days, she will have a couple of sucks and that's it as she can't breathe properly.

I think now is the time to stop, she needs to learn how to go to sleep without feeding and I need my boobs back!

The past few days she has drifted off to sleep in my lap and I've put her in her cot. When she's better I'm hoping to do gradual retreat.

So, in the morning, I will not be trying to feed her. If she asks, I will say milks all gone and offer her a cup of milk instead.

Is this a good plan? Will it work? I'm sad about not feeding her again but I think while she has gone off milk whilst poorly it is time to stop completely.

PickleMobile Mon 24-Nov-14 21:28:23

Oh I meant to add, the past few weeks she has been getting milk in a cup during the day so this is not a totally new thing for her. I have often given her milk in a cup when she's asked to feed and she's been happy with that.

ilovelamp82 Mon 24-Nov-14 21:29:44

Sounds like it's the right time for you. I was going to say if she's ill she's better on it but if she's not feeding very well it sounds like it could be a good time to stop. Well done for lasting 20 months. wine you deserve it smile

girliefriend Mon 24-Nov-14 21:30:03

Sounds sensible Op, similar reasons as to why I stopped bfing my nearly 1yo.

Yes but now you have made the decision you need to be consistent and if your dd asks be very matter of fact and distract her with something else!

Big well done for getting to 20 months smile

PickleMobile Mon 24-Nov-14 21:34:37

Thank You! It's been a long haul but I've loved almost every minute of it. I have been feeding exclusively from one side since about 4 months as well as I could never get a good latch on the left for some reason.

She's barely had ten sucks a day in the last 3 or 4 days due to having to stop and breathe and I think she then can't be bothered as it's too much effort for her!

PrimalLass Mon 24-Nov-14 21:46:54

I stopped with DD at about the same age because she had winter vomitting and she could only keep water down - she would not even attempt a milk feed. It was kind of a handy way to stop (I know that sounds mean but I'd really had enough). By the time she was better she'd forgotten all about the boobage.

PickleMobile Tue 25-Nov-14 07:26:00

That's good to know primal thanks. Ive not offered this morning and she won't have time to ask before we're out the door so so far so good!

Woodenheart Tue 25-Nov-14 07:31:15

I think you may have to express a tiny bit,

Im dreading stopping in case of mastitis but am also really looking forward to it, DD is 19 months & teething, so every 2 hours last night sad

Ive really really had enough blush

PoppyWearer Tue 25-Nov-14 07:45:12

It sounds like a good time for you both, and well done!

You might need to hand-express a little in the shower to relieve the pressure, and keep some cold Savoy cabbage and painkillers handy, just like when she was born, in case of engorgement. For me this discomfort lasted around ten days both times.

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