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weebairn Tue 04-Nov-14 11:19:52

So my baby has fed brilliantly if incessantly for 5 weeks, mostly every hour round the clock, she's growing great.

Now the last 24 hours she decided she can go 3-4 hours between feeds which should be delightful but I'm in agony! And when she does feed so much milk gushes out she vomits all over me and cries. Stupid boobs! You can't win!

Spent ages expressing into a bath this morning i was in so much pain- toddler thought this was HILARIOUS.

Remind me this all gets easier!

holeinmyheart Tue 04-Nov-14 12:05:54

You poor thing! What happens as DC get older is things change, they don't really get easier , just different.
The first day at school, their friendships, their first girlfriend, their heart break, their exams, their going away, their lack of girlfriends/ boyfriends, their travelling to awful scary places such as Colombia, their job disappointments and their job triumphs, their marriage etc. Poof they are gone in a blink.
I wish that I had been able to relax and enjoy the moment, not wishing that they would grow up. When I watched my DD breast feeding her first, I wished I was doing it, even though at the time I wished I wasn't doing it. I did have a breast pump, perhaps you could do with one.
I would love to have all my DC back, sitting around my kitchen table, just us, no partners, just my family, who know and love and understand each other.
I know it is life and I am glad they have partners and I get on fine with them, but it is very hard to get us all together as just a blood family. We had so much fun.
Just enjoy NOW, awful as it is to have swollen breasts. Or give up breast feeding as it is not the end of the world. I was the only one breast feeding when I had my first DD 40 years ago. I soldiered on but I can't say I liked it but my husband was very keen because of the absorption of the Colostrum etc from the milk.

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