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Should I be expressing at night?

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BakingBunty Mon 03-Nov-14 07:10:12

DD is 10 weeks old and is EBF. She seems to be doing really well and has put on 5lbs since birth.

To my amazement, she has started sleeping from 11-7 at night following a dream feed of expressed milk which DH gives her. I know that this is very unlikely to last, but in the meantime, should I be expressing in the night? I don't want to mess up my supply!

At the moment, I express at around 9.30pm (I get 4-5oz, she only really drinks 2oz at the dream feed) and at 5 or 6am when I wake up with absolutely massive, leaky boobs (nice!).

I'm also toying with ditching the dream feed to see what would happen, seems mean to wake her for 2oz. I don't mind if she then wakes for a feed; I'm really not trying to 'force' her through the night at this stage...

I hope this isn't coming across as a stealth boast. DS didn't sleep like this until he was 10 months so it's new territory for me and I'm confused about what I should be doing! Thoughts welcome...

EverythingCounts Mon 03-Nov-14 21:20:47

I didn't, but then DS was feeding 2/3 times in the night still at that point for me. I would personally hang onto as much sleep as you can - as you said yourself, you never know when things will change and you'll be woken up 3x a night... If you can hang on till 5/6am and express then, I would stick with that.

BakingBunty Tue 04-Nov-14 14:51:53

Thanks so much for your reply, that was my instinct too... Plus I hate expressing so fewer times the better!

Anyway, she woke at 4.30 last night after only wanting 1oz at the 11pm dream feed. Feels so mean waking her when she clearly isn't interested so tonight I'm just going to go with her and see what happens smile.

Heatherbell1978 Tue 04-Nov-14 18:46:37

DS1 is 10 weeks old and he's started sleeping 8pm to 3am then to 7am so effectively missing a feed (was previously 12.30am/4am/7am) and I don't express during the night. But uncomfortable but if that ends up being his pattern my supply should change to meet it I think so don't want to encourage too much milk! We keep meaning to try a dream feed as he never takes much milk before bed but not sure of it would work seeing as he does quite a long first stretch anyway.....and I never like to rouse him!

BakingBunty Tue 04-Nov-14 20:52:49

That's interesting heather... Similar length of time as my DD, just earlier in the night. I guess your DS may sleep 11-6 or so if you did a dream feed, but it does feel mean rousing them! And if he's like DD, he won't take much anyway if he's not really ready to feed.

I went to a breastfeeding drop in this afternoon and was advised not to leave more than six hours between feeds or pumping sessions. Has confused me as I feel I should just follow DDs cues as she seems to be thriving... But so paranoid about supply dropping, and already feel like it may have dipped. So hard to know what to do!

McBaby Tue 04-Nov-14 21:57:13

As long as baby is happy and healthy then feed on demand no need to express otherwise.

Dd1 and Dd2 both slept through since about 6 weeks and your supply will just regulate accordingly.

SuiGeneris Tue 04-Nov-14 21:58:59

You say you hate expressing so why do you? Why not just feed her from the breast (a bit earlier if you want to go to bed earlier) and see what happens? Feeding her from the breast will also mean your supply is more in line with her demand so less of a concern for that too...

SASASI Tue 04-Nov-14 22:52:36

DS has been sleeping through for at least 8 hrs since 9 wks & is EBF - I have been wondering same! Falls asleep at totally different times every night though ie anywhere inbetween 10pm & 1.30am! Is now 11.5 wks.

I wear breast shells through night & usually have around 3oz (together) in them when I wake which I put into a bottle - milk without expressing! Would that work for you? Be careful to put them on right & wear a good fit bra to keep them in place!

I seem to still have an over supply but I find a bit of hand expressing eases it. I still express the odd time if I feel the need. No routine at all ie Sunday he slept from 4-8 & I kept thinking if I express he'll wake to be fed but in the end I did for some relief! So my issues are not really supply but to do with my own levels of comfort / avoiding any blockages etc.

BakingBunty Wed 05-Nov-14 08:53:19

SASASI will try the shells, that's a great idea. Anything that helps gather milk without expressing is good in my book! Sui, I persist because DS was an epic bottle and cup refuser and I had to delay going back to work (not an option this time, sadly!). So am keen for DD to have a bottle of EBM a day.

So last night I expressed at 9.30, woke DD at 12.30 for a BF and then she woke me at 4.30 for another feed. Hoping supply getting back on track. Tonight I'm going to pump before bed and then see what she does...

Thanks so much for all the advice, you lovely people.

Levismum Sat 08-Nov-14 23:30:40

I never bothered with that 6 hour rule. Dd was fine. Bf was fine.

I just wish I'd made the most of the sleep as dd never really improved sleep wise & she 9 months now!sad

squizita Sun 09-Nov-14 02:09:05

Feed on demand.

I was told by both my mw and bf support lady NOT to bother with a dream feed (quote "it's not demand if she doesn't ask"). They told me I would produce to actual demand and it was not required. So I never did it!

We give a bottle of ebm around tea time. I use the time for "me time" and DH feels it helps him bond. I find this timing makes me feel less engorged than a night feed. Mind you my dd feeds twice a night. Would that be an option?

GoldfishSpy Sun 09-Nov-14 02:16:31

DS is 12 weeks. I ebf on demand but he has gone from 8 - 4 for the last couple of weeks. He is a big boy (9 1/2 lbs at birth) and gaining well. I am trying to build up a supply for when I return to work and express 120mls most (but not all) mornings - My supply seems fine - I think after 6 weeks or so you can mess about a bit in this respect and not compromise your supply...

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